Second Konraqi Republic

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Konraqi Republic


Flag of Second Konraqi Republic.png



Location of Konraq
Official language(s)Viadalvian, Dutch
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional republic

The Second Konraqi Republic was the democratic government that existed in Konraq from June until September 2014 After the proclamation of the Republic, a provisional government was established until June 2014, when the Constitution was approved a Constitutional Republic was formally established. The republican government of was chaired by President Shady Morsi would start a great number of reforms to "modernize" the country. The Republic found itself into disaray and inactivity. Until Morsi joined the Republic with one of his other projects. Dachenia. There is no much knowledge about the Second republic since it never expanded beyond the starting phase

Historical affiliations
Flag of Kazakh Khanate.png Kazakh Khanate - 1456-1847

Flag of the Russian Empire.png Russian Empire 1847-1921
Flag of the Soviet Union.png Soviet Union 1921-1991
Flag of Kazakhstan.png/Flag of Kyrgyzstan.png Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan 1991-2013

Micronational affiliations
Flag of Viadalvian Hasanistan.png Viadalvia Apr 2013 - 7 Jan 2014
Flag of First Konraqi Republic.png First Republic 7 Jan - 17 Feb 2014
Derskovian hasanistan.png Derskovia 17 Feb - June 2014
Flag of Second Konraqi Republic.png Second Republic June-Sep 2014
Flag of Dachenian Hasanistan.png Dachenian Hasanistan Sep 2014-Sep 2016
Flag of Hasanistan.png Hasani Konraq September 2016-August 2018
Flag of Konraq.png Konraq Khanate 2 August 2018- Present