Second Gymnasium State

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"Second Gymnasium State" redirect here. For the period of Gymnasian history sometimes called Second Gymnasium State, see Second Republic (Gymnasium State)

The Second Gymnasium State (Czech: Druhý Stát Gymnázium) is a term used usually within the Gymnasium State to describe micronations that got inspiration from elements of the Gymnasium State. Those micronations usually confirm that they were somehow influenced by the Gymnasium State. To this day, four micronations were described by the term, two of them currently exist. No micronation outside the Czech sector was also described by the term.

Usage of the term

Republic of 007

Recreation of the flag of 007

The Republic of 007 (Republika 007) existed for a few months in 2018. It was established by younger siblings of some of Gymnazists in their elementary school. The government system was entirely inspired by the one of the Gymnasium State at the time, the only difference was in the judicial power, which was held by the President of 007. The micronation later disbanded for to this day mostly unknown reasons. The Republic of 007 was the first micronation to be described by the term, and is usually considered as the actual second Gymnasium State as the founders had no knowledge of other micronations at the time.

Gym Republic

The Gym Republic (Gymská republika) was small and short-lived micronation near České Budějovice. It's lifespan is unknown, as the only known information outside it's founders of it comes from a single mention of it on Czech MicroWiki. Despite it's government structure is unknown except for the fact it was headed by the President, it was described by the term as the name evoked inspiration by the Gymnasium State. It also led to speculations the government system was influenced by the Gymnasium State too. It's leader also later declared the Grand Republic of Khatiy, which however didn't last a long time either, and the term was never used to describe it.

Rednecks Republic

Flag of the Rednecks Republic

The Rednecks Republic (Vidlákova republika) is a micronation in Lovosice. Out of the micronations described by the term, it was influenced by the Gymnasium State probably the least. The government structure is instead rather influenced by the Czech Republic. The term is however used to describe it, as the Gymnasium State was the main inspiration for the micronation's independence, according to it's representants on intermicronational scene.

Federal Republic of Mendersia

Flag of Mendersia

The Federal Republic of Mendersia (Federální republika Mendersko) is a micronation in Žatec. It have been heavily inspired by the Gymnasium State since it's representative unofficially helped the micronation remove fictional elements. The micronation often used the Gymnasium State as an example, namely for instance Mendersian constitution and former presidential flag were inspired by it's Gymnasian counterparts. Mendersia was even called a "copy of the Gymnasium State" several times. Mendersia is also heavily inspired by other Czech micronations, most notably Mekniy.