Second Capital State of Taigh a Bata

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Second Capital State of Taigh a Bata

Capital cityMcMillan
Official language(s)English, Taigh a Batan, Caran
GovernmentState of Taigh a Bata
- GovernorScott Harwood
Established27 May 2011 (as the State of La Ferme)
CurrencyBritish Pound, Taigh a Bata Dollar
The Second Capital State of Taigh a Bata was created on the 27th of May 2011 as the State of La Ferme. It bordered the State of Outer Alltgobhlach and the United Kingdom and is within 10 metres of The Bedroom. The state contained Taigh a Bata's first workshop, sheds and pet cemetery.

After the fall of Taigh a Bata, the Second Capital State became a permanent territory of the Free State of Albion on the 7th of April 2012.


The Second Capital State consisted of a large shed, a chicken compound and the land that they are placed on. The state bordered openly with the United Kingdom.

Language and Culture

The most commonly spoken language in the Second Capital State was English, but Taigh a Batan was spoken informally by 100% of the population. Caran also had official status at the state level.