Seán Dagda

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Seán Dagda
Chairman of the Communist Party of Northern Ireland
Assumed office
10 August 2020
Predecessor Office established
Premier of the Northern Irish Soviet Socialist Republic
Assumed office
2 September 2020
Predecessor Office established
Grand Senator of the Grand Republic of Elysium for Daeltheria-at-Large
In office
12th July - 18th October 2020
Predecessor ? (still awaiting info from Chancellor)
Successor Himself and Sir Felix (as Senator of Daeltheria First and Second)
Grand Senator of the Grand Republic of Elysium for Daeltheria 1st
Assumed office
18th October 2020
Predecessor Himself (as Senator for Daeltheria at Large
Bobist Bishop of Eíre (and Northern Ireland)
Assumed office
14th November 2020
Pope of Bobism Cornelius I
Predecessor Himself (as Priest of Belfast)
Personal information
Born Eoin O. 21th December
Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Citizenship Ireland
Northern Irish Soviet Socialist Republic
Residence Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland Soviet Socialist Republic/Northern Ireland
Religion Bobism
Military service
Allegiance Northern Irish Soviet Socialist Republic
Service/branch Red Army
In service 2020-present
Rank Marshal of the Republic

Seán Dagda is an Irish republican Marxist-Leninist who leads the Northern Irish Soviet Socialist Republic and the Communist Party of Northern Ireland and has so since its creation in 2020. He identifies as an Irish Republican and a Marxist-Leninist who wants a United Ireland but with an Autonomous Republic in Northern Ireland if successful he thinks that his Northern Irish Soviet Socialist Republic should become the Northern Irish Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic he firmly rejects the two nations theory.

Early life and education

Dagda attended a Primary School in his Housing estate later attending a secondary school in his Town. He has complained about his primary school's handling of a disability he was diagnosed with a disability called Dyspraxia this caused his Self-Confidence in his Primary School years to plummet. Dagda developed an interest in Marxism during the Second Year of his Secondary School education where he started studying theory, his first three theory books were the Communist Manifesto, State and Revolution and Mao's Little Red Book.


Dagda was involved in micronationalism from 2017 and became a part of the Microwiki Community in 2019, he ran New Antrim/Neilston which was a nation based entirley around his family, his mother and his father, he made Neilston/New Antrim open in November 2019. However, Dagda did micronationalism for fun and didn't take it seriously he was by no means a simulationist but wasn't a secessionist, in February 2020 (right around the time of his Mother's cancer diagnosis) he made New Antrim socialist this lead to the Prime Minister leaving resulting in Dagda taking the role. He eventually split off from New Antrim and formed the Northern Irish Soviet Socialist Republic. One of his best friends left the project after splitting from Marxism. The NISSR enjoys good relations with multiple nations most notably the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic.

Personal Life

Dagda keeps his personal life (as well as his identity) very secret, he has revealed that he has one main circle of friends two of which are active on micronational discord servers, he is known for his love of Geography, History and Marxism, the latter only a few people know his belief in. Dagda calls himself 'Agnostic with Catholic Leanings'.

Premier of the NISSR

Dagda created the Communist Party of Northern Ireland in July 2020, he became it's Chairman after it was created, later he established the NISSR (Northern Irish Soviet Socialist Republic), he holds two main roles Chairman of the CPNI Central Committee and Chairman (Premier) of the Council of People's Commissars.