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The logo for the Schneider Awards

The Schneider Awards is a set of MicroWiki community recognition awards created on 16 March 2011. Named after MicroWiki's creator, Fabian Maximilian Schneider (also known as Monsterfurby), and created by the now-disgraced administrator Aldrich Lucas, the awards are decided by a panel of five judges selected by the organiser, and consist of five main awards known as the Schneider Proper and numerous other minor awards.


The Schneider Awards were organised by Aldrich Lucas who suggested the idea in March 2011. The judging panel consisted of five veteran micronationalists chosen by Aldrich who convened to decide the recipients of each award from a group of nominees named by the community. The awards were inspired by FNORDs (Fantasy/Simulated Norton Awards) held in the Micras Sector which have been awarded annually since 2002. The categories were suggested by members of the community and the official categories were decided by Lucas on 19 March with the final results being announced on 12 April. Schneider himself - the namesake of the awards - is known to have opposed them, finding the idea of having categories which insulted the recipients (such as "Worst Troll") ridiculous, and not wanting to be associated with such a venture. It is also notable that site owner and head admin Pierre d'Égtavie refused to be nominated. Aldrich Lucas recieved the most awards, obtaining three.
The awards were revived in late 2012 as a biennual adventure by Barnaby Hands.


There were eighteen separate awards handed out in the innaugrual Schneider Awards, including the five that made up the Schneider Proper. The Schneider Proper consisted of the following awards:

  • Award for Outstanding Contributions
  • Award for Exceptional Diplomacy
  • Award for Cultural Excellence
  • Award for Promoting Peace
  • Award for Propitious Newcomer

The other awards used during the first Schneider Awards are as follows:

  • Award for the Most Popular Micronation
  • Award for the Most Controversial Micronation
  • Award for Handspuppeting
  • Award for Silly Eccentricity
  • Award for the Best Administrator
  • Award for Worst Troll
  • Award for Modesty
  • Award for Most Improved
  • Award for Best Event or Idea
  • Award for Journalism
  • Award for Graphics Design
  • Award for Most Developed Conlang
  • Award for Finest Writing

List of Awards ceremonies

Year Date Results were announced Host Judges Number of awards given out
2011 12 April 2011 Aldrich Lucas Alexander Reinhardt
Niels of Flandrensis
Parker I
Quentin I of Wyvern
Tom Turner
2013 26 January 2013 Barnaby Hands Alexander Reinhardt
Crown Prince Jonathan
Harry Fitzpatrick
James von Puchow
Quentin I of Wyvern
2015 To be Decided To be Decided To be Decided To be Decided