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Sariyal, the common name for the glorious and illustrious war nation,ßåµå®ˆå�∂å˜¥å¬ is a country that was formed for the sole purpose of war against the micro nation of Shorewell. It was founded on May 10, 2018, after numerous aggravation and disappointment arose when noticing the financial, political, and religious status of the nation of Shorewell. The Sariyalese government has one goal only, and that is to help the Shorwellese people and destroy their government, beginning with the public beheading of the Shorwellese Sultan, Bilal I.

Sariyal is a technocratic government, where the leaders are the most Scientifically and Technologically intelligent. As of the most previous change in power, during the signing of the Constitution and the instillation of the set of laws, the leader chosen for his intellectual prowess was Dr. Laynad, who is now known as Supreme Leader Laynad. He rules with a gentle hand, but is very strict against any and all crimes committed. One of the biggest crimes he notices in the world is the continued monarchial and tyrannical reign of the Sultan of Shorewell, Bilal I. That was the sole reason for the formation of the nation of Sariyal.

Along with the benevolent King, the two other rulers of Sariyal are the maiden princesses Airam and Atihmas, who both have the same goal as the supreme leader. While they are legacy underneath the Supreme Leader in terms of power, many believe them to be more powerful and influential in the decision making process for Sariyal, as they are both the closest advisors for the leader.