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Holy Trinity
Italian: Santissima Trinità
Palace, Provincial Capital
Location: Cimares plains,
Province of Teratiliventhia
Built: 1740
Seat: House Martini, Feudal lord
Lord: Giulia Martini
Castellan warden: Gigi Ermacora
Provincial seat of: Province of Teratiliventhia
Status: in use

The Holy Trinity, in italian La Santissima (in furlan La Santissime or La Trinitât) is a palace in Vilthia, in the Province of Teratiliventhia. It is the feudal seat of House Martini.


The palace was obtained, in the first half of 1800, from a deconsecrated church and the connected parsonage. Until 2013 it was the seat of House DeBiasio. It was later granted by Titianus II to House Martini.


The italian word "Santissima" means literally "Blessed".


The land is flat and agricultural. There are crops of corn, wheat and olives.


  • Route 2 from Santissima to Borgo Mizzari
  • Route 5 from Santissima to Vallarian


The nearest railway station, at less than 1 km, is the Station of Cimares on the Trans-Yunivers Railway