Sancti Imperii ex Skywalkistan

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Flag of the Empire of Skywalkistan.png

Sancti Imperii ex Skywalkistan

Flag of the Empire of Skywalkistan.pngSkywalkistan Crest.png

We are Skywalkistan
We are Skywalkistan
Capital cityPure Pebble Corner
Official language(s)Tampa English
Official religion(s)Christian, Irreligion, Judasim, Islam, and Baha'i
DemonymSkywalker, Skywalkistani
- EmperorTyler Skywalker
EstablishedSeptember 27, 2016
Area claimed1680 mi2
Population110 (Registered) (96 in-state) (6 Partial)
(1.249 million residents)
CurrencyUnited Pound (£), USD($)
Time zoneEST (UST-5:00)
National sportChess
National dishSpaghetti and Pizza
National drinkDr. Pepper
National animalPeacock

Official Website


Sancti Imperii ex Skywalkistan (or Skywalkistan, SIS, SIES, the Holy Empire of Skywalkistan, HES, or the Empire of Skywalkistan) is a micronation situated near Tampa, FL. Its emperor is Emperor Tyler Skywalker, and it has 6 current senators. Its Industrial needs are provided for by Resplendence, which has a $1300 surplus. The claimed GDP of Skywalkistan is 500000 USD. There are 102 citizens of Skywalkistan, for more information see Demographics of Skywalkistan.

It's ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 is SW and its alpha-3 code is ESW.

Government Roles


Senators create laws, a majority vote is required to pass one. Elections take place through the week of September 27. On the Monday following this week, the power will shift to the newly elected Senate

2017 Elections

The elections will take place here:


The Council is a court of Christians who determine whether or not something is moral. The court is made up of Cardinals.

Department Heads

The Department Heads run different parts of the government.

Head of the Military- Eduardo Martinez
Head of Finance- Sean Sullivan
Head of Industry- Joe Pearson


The solute features one arm raised at a 90 degree shoulder angle and a 90 degree elbow angle. The hand is closed in a fist to represent taking hold of freedom.



  1. A bill is proposed (it can be proposed by any citizen).
  2. The bill is voted on (51% or more of the senate must agree on the bill).
  3. The emperor either passes the bill or vetoes the bill with an Act.
  4. If the bill is vetoed, a ⅔ vote of the legislature will pass the bill.
  1. An act is created and signed by the Emperor.
  2. The Senate may overrule the Act with a ⅔ supermajority.


Polls in Skywalkistan are open votes taken in a day on a controversial topic. They differ from electoral votes in that both residents and registered citizens can vote. The majority response determines the valid opinion, but is not required to be believed.


The military of Skywalkistan has four branches, all of which are lead by the Head of Military, Eduardo Martinez. The four branches are the army, the navy, the air-force, and the health-force. The army provides policing in Skywalkistan and the boots which would be deployed in war; it is represented by a shield with a fleur-de-lis. The navy provides sea fare to the government and would be deployed in a naval conflict; it is represented by a trident. The air-force provides air fare to the government and would be deployed in a major conflict; it is represented by the sun. Finally, the health-force provides hospital and medical assistance in warfare; it is represented by an equatorial cross. Additionally, the military itself is represented by the Maltese Cross; this in turn represents the religious fervor of Skywalkistani conflict.


The original and current flag of Sancti Imperii ex Skywalkistan(11/27/16-12/07/16 and 12/13/16-)

The flag has three parts: The red corners, the black rhombus, and the red fleur-de-lis. The red corners represents humble strength. The black rhombus represents the darkness of the world. The red fleur-de-lis represents the need to keep going forward through the darkness of the world. This flag is known as the Flower.


The second flag of Sancti Imperii ex Skywalkistan (12/7/16-12/13/16)

The second flag sports a black background representing the darkness of the world. The six red stars represent the six states shining in the darkness. The black star represents the determination of the union through strength. This flag is known as the Starred Banner.

Annexation of Regional Areas

  • North Quadrant (11/27/16)- a region defined as south of the Alafia River, north of Boyette Road, east of US-301, and west of Bell Shoals Road.
  • South Quadrant (11/27/16)- a region defined as south of the Alafia River and the North Quadrant, north of Balm Riverview Road and Balm Boyette Road, and west of Boyette Road.
  • Valrico (11/28/16)- a region defined as north of East Brandon Boulevard, west of Turkey Creek Road, east of US-301, and south of East Dr. MLK Jr. Boulevard.
    • Temple Terrace (ceded to Valrico- 10/15/17)- a region defined as south of FL-582 and Bogainvillea, northwest of the Hillsborough River, and east of N 22nd Street and N 30th Street.
  • Panthershore (11/30/16, ceded to the South Quadrant- 12/20/16)- a region defined as east of US-301, west of South Quadrant, south of North Quadrant, and north of Big Bend Road.
  • Durant (11/30/16, ceded to Bloomingdale- 12/14/16, ceded to Angstland- 2/27/17)- a region defined as east of Lithia Pinecrest Road, south of Valrico and West Keysville Road, and west of Turkey Creek Road.
    • Thompson Territory (ceded to the Outer Territories- 12/14/16)- a region defined as south of Thompson Road, east of Bryant Road, north of Lithia Pinecrest Road, and west of South County Road 39.
    • Alafia Territory (ceded to the South Quadrant- 12/15/16)- a region defined as all of Durant (now Bloomingdale) south of the Alafia River.
  • Gibsonton (12/2/16, ceded to Bloomingdale 12/14/16)- a region defined as south of the Alafia River, north of Symmes Road, and west of Panthershore and the North Quadrant.
  • North Gibsonton (12/4/16, ceded to Bloomingdale- 12/14/16)- a region defined as north of the Alafia River, south of Madison Avenue and Bloomingdale Avenue, west of I-75 Providence Road, and east of US-41.
  • Unorganized Territory (12/4/16, ceded to Bloomingdale- 12/14/16)- a region defined as east of I-75, and north, south, and west of all of the previously claimed territory.
  • Outer Territories (12/8/16)- a region defined North of Florida 674, west of Florida 37, south of US-92 and Florida 574, and surrounding the other states.
    • Eastern Territory (ceded to the US- 12/9/16)- a region defined as the Outer Territories east of County Line Road.
    • Dorman Territory (ceded to the South Quadrant- 12/19/16)-a region defined as north of Browning Road, west of Browning Road, east and south of the Southern Territory.
    • South Balm (ceded to Balm- 9/9/17)- a region defined as the Outer Territories south of Big Bend Road and East of I-75.
    • Angstland (ceded to Angstland- 2/27/17)- a region defined as the remaining portion of the Outer Territories east of Balm.
    • Apollo Beach (ceded to Apollo Beach- 9/9/27)- a region defined as the remaining regions of the Outer Territories.
  • Leon Province (3/23/17)- a region defined as south of Georgia, east of FL-59, north of Natural Bridge Road, and west of FL-20, FL-261, and McCall Bridge Road.
  • East Tampa (11/11/17)- a region defined as south of FL-580, Temple Terrace, FL-582, US-301, and I-4, west of FL-579 and McIntosh Road, north of Valrico and Bloomingdale, and east of US-41.
  • The Danube Territories (11/11/17)- the regions which are left unclaimed by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Liberland along the Danube river. They are four in number. From north to south they are North of Liberland, West of Apatin, East of Pundavlije, and East of Kopačko jezero, all of which are non-represented territories.
  • The Antarctic Protectorate (11/12/17)- the islands of Peter I, Deception, and Signy.
  • The Northern Territory (11/18/17)- the remainder of northern Hillsborough County not claimed by Skywalkistan.
    • The Northwestern Territory (ceded to The Decent Republic- 11/19/17)- The Northern Territory west of US-41.
  • The Little Manatee Territory (11/23/17)- the remainder of southern Hillsborough County no claimed by Skywalkistan.


File:Map of the Empire of Skywalkistan.png
A map of the states and territories of the Empire of Skywalkistan
Flag Name Abbr. Area (mi2) Senator Population Population Density Capital
30px Apollo Beach AB 66.6 Clara Barnett 5 0.09 Apollo Beach
30px Bloomingdale BD 43.5 Eduardo Martinez 27 0.62 Bloomingdale
30px Boyette BE 70.8 Jared Thayer/Joe Pearson 33 0.47 Blue Woods
30px Valrico VA 34.8 Hunter Mizen 17 0.49 Valrico
30px Angstland AL 214 Charles Small 4 0.02 Durant
30px East Tampa ET 80.7 0 0 None

Leon Province

LP 656 7 0.01 Leon
25px Little Manatee Territory LM 130 0 0 None
30x30px Northern Territory NT 253 2 0.01 Tampa
30px The Antarctic Protectorate AP 150.2 No Representation 0 0 None
Flag (24).png The Danube Territories DT 0.63


No Representation 0 0 None
Out of State No Representation 13 (1 in Garonne)


Angstland is an area of Skywalkistan which is a reservation containing the Red Neck culture of Skywalkistan. It operates as an independent nation but is under the power of Skywalkistan. It currently has a population of 4 and is headed by Senator Charles Small, who represents of all of the Represented Territories.

Leon Province

Like Angstland, Leon Province is a territory of Skywalkistan with the collective Senator.

The Danube Territories

The Danube Territories are a collection of territories situated along the Danube river which do no have Senatorial representation.

Foreign Relations

Positive Relations

Sancti Imperri ex Skywalkistan has positive relations with the following nations (a total of 54):

Flag Nation Head of State Capital Date allied Type
Principality of Garonne.png Principality of Garonne Antoine Lacaze Rómka December 12, 2016 Relational

(Previous IMU)

Final.png United Federation of Fornelos Dani West Fornelos December 14, 2016 IMU
VoyflenFlag.png Barony of Voyflen William Gristan December 17, 2016 IMU, Friendship
Wynaan.JPG Republic of Wynaan Patrick Lightning Refa December 18, 2016 IMU
Noflag.png Kingdom of New Pugnasia Josef Hernandez Josefvania January 31, 2017 IMU
Noflag.png Republic of Jakistan King Jack Diesel March 2, 2017 IMU
FlagNZRE.jpeg Republic of NZRE Emperors Nathan and Zack Zulus August 13, 2017 Relational
Noflag.png Democratic Republic of Zade Rashaka Omar Briansyah Biran Zoronto September 1, 2017 Relational
Noflag.png Principality of Egan Viscount Caspian Scammington November 17, 2017 Relational
United Micronations Flag.png The United Micronations (33 other members) Toyama Isamu Hjoke, Aurora November 17, 2017 Membership
Molossia flag.png Molossia Kevin Baugh Baughston November 18, 2017 Informal and Friendly
Ourania flag.png Kingdom of Ourania King Immanuel X Floating City November 18, 2017 Treaty of Bilateral Relations
Noflag.png The Decent Republic Marco Ramirez Deerfield City November 19, 2017 Diplomacy, Alliance
75px The Republic of Luxia Timothy Schoonover November 19, 2017 Diplomacy
PaLs Flag2.png PaLsian Federation Sam Marsden Fleflavik November 20, 2017 Relational
FLAGOFNEWRIZALIA.JPG Republic of New Rizalia Seann Torres Highland Province December 7. 2017 Alliance, Diplomacy
Reformed Intermicronational Confederation Sam Marsden July 7, 2019 Membership


Sancti Imperii ex Skywalkistan engages in mutual recognition, but is not aligned, with the following nations:

  • Kingdom of Central Korea

Sancti Imperri ex Skywalkistan is recognized by the following nations:

Sancti Imperii ex Skywalkistan recognizes most countries in the UN. It does not recognize:

  • North Korea
    • It is recognized as South Korean territory
  • Vietnam
  • Palestine
    • It is recognized as Israeli territory
  • Yemen
  • Libya

Sancti Imperri ex Skywalkistan recognizes the following non-UN (or nation not recognized by a consensus of the UN nations) nations in addition to its allies:

  • All of its Enemies (see below)
  • Kosovo
  • Transnistria
  • South Ossetia
  • Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
  • Abkhazia
  • Catalonia
  • Kurdistan
  • Free Syrian Army

Negative Foreign Relations

Flag Nation Reason Date Established
75px Intercommunist Union of Micronations Communism December 16, 2016
75px Democratic People's Republic of Jonitoria Communism December 20, 2016
75px Freelandia Poisonous Philosophies November 17, 2017

Skywalker Tropical Cyclone Intensity Scale

The Skywalker Tropical Cyclone Intensity Scale is defined by the equation: <math>10*(mph)^{0.2}-23</math>. When measuring, a system, however, the number is rounded down. In addition, any Cyclones categorized 0 or -2 are called Tropical Storms; anything lower is called a Tropical Low.

Skywalkistan moniters Hurricanes which could threaten Skywalkistan. Hurricanes which hit Skywalkistani soil are nicknamed Skyclones and are named. The documentation began in 2017.

List of Skyclones and potential cyclones

Name Skywalkistani Name Category Maximum Windspeed
Hurricane Irma Skyclone Adam S5 185
Hurricane Jose PS-2 S4 155
Tropical Storm Lee PS-3 S-3 (TL) 40
Tropical Storm Maria PS-4 S0 (TS) 65


Skyclones are given a Skywalkistani name when they enter Skywalkistani soil. Any Cyclones that may enter the territory of Skywalkistan are given the title Potential Skyclone [number for the decade of seasons] prior to entry. Any skyclone with a certain name that enters Skywalkistani soil with winds greater than Tropical Storm winds is retired.

This is a list of the names to be used for the years 2017 to 2026:

  • Adam (retired)
  • Brianna
  • Chad
  • Daphne
  • Evan
  • Fiona
  • Gavin
  • Harley
  • Isaac
  • Jacky
  • Kevin
  • Lola
  • Manny
  • Nancy
  • Orion
  • Penolope
  • Quincy
  • Rita
  • Sean
  • Tes
  • Ulysses
  • Venus
  • William
  • Xanthe
  • Yosef
  • Zandra

Historical Positions



  • Billbrough-Miles Micronational Ranking System- 2
  • Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification- Bricks and Mortar, Sizable, Statehood- 5th World
  • Dan's System if Classification- 4th World
  • David's Micronational Potential Index- 5/5/5/5/5- 5
  • Dresner's System of Classification- 5/5/5/4/5- 4.8
  • Economic Potential Index- 5/5/5/5/5/5/5- 5
  • Freayth's System of Classification- 3/3/3/3/3/3- 6
  • Linden's Revised System of Classification- 5/5/5/5/5- 5
  • Matthew's Democracy System of Classification- ~/5/5/4- 4.7
  • Milic definition of Statehood- Internationalized state-like community
  • Freayth's System of Micronational Classification- 4/5*/5/5/5/4- 28
  • Skywalker's Composite System of Classification- 5-5-4/4-4-5/3-1-4/5-3-4- 4.7/4.3/2.7/4- 7.7
  • Stùrd's Liberal System of Micronational Classification- 5/5/~/5/5/4/5/5/5- 5/~/4.7/5/5- 4.93
  • Usian Bureaucratic Scale- 2/3/1/2/2- 2