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 The Right Honourable
Brendon Weston
Prime Minister and Representative of Samia
1st Prime Minister of Samia and their Representative to Confederation Congress
Assumed office:
5 August 2010
 Congress 2nd Congress
Deputy Prime Minister:  Lori Brundege
Preceded by: Office Established
Succeeded by: Incumbent
1st Representative of Weston
Assumed office:
5 August 2010
Prime Minister: Himself
Preceded by: Office Established
Succeded by: Incumbent
 Secretary of State of the Confederation of Awesome
 Assumed office:
1 February 2010
Preceded by: Office Established
Succeded by: Incumbent 
Personal information
Born: 25 July 1995 (1995-07-25) (age 26)
Residence: Weston, Confederation of Awesome
Religion:  Atheist

Brendon "Sam" Weston is the Prime Minister of Samia and their Representative to Confederation Congress, was founder and Prime Minister of the Union of Samian City States, and also holds the office of Secretary of State of the Confederation of Awesome. He is also the current Mayor of Weston.

Early life

Brendon Weston was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, on July, 25th, 1995. As a child, he lived in Birmingham itself, before moving to the suburb of Trussville when he was 10. He gained an interest in micronationalism after being inspired by the Slinky Empyre and the Empire of Austenasia, as well as the local Empire of Jake. He decided to create his own micronation.

Union of Samian City States

Brendon Weston founded the Union of Samian City States on 20 April 2010. A direct vote of all citizens ratified the nation’s Declaration of Secession, and it’s Constitution. A provisional government was set up to rule the nation until August 1, 2010, when a general election would be held. West held much power during this provisional government, and he lead the nation under this government for a large amount of it’s existence, presiding over key national events such as the annexation of the Army of Brantley, and the signing of the Treaty of Vestavia with Sophopolis. He founded the Liberal Party of Samia on July 20, and officially took power of the non-provisional government when he became Prime Minister in the August 2010 General Election, winning two-thirds of the seats in Parliament and 70% of the popular vote. He lead the nation during the Referendum for Union, and presided over the petitioning of annexation by the Confederation of Awesome.

Confederation of Awesome

On September 5, the Samian States became a part of the Confederation of Awesome. The new provincial government remained largely unchanged, and the institutions of Prime Minister as well as Parliament were continuous. The Banned Media Act was the first vote West was a part of, and he voted against it in the interest of free speech. West voted in favor of going to war against the Southern Union, was the Confederation’s representative in both of the wars’ peace talks, and personally fought in all three battles. He was the chief negotiator of the Treaty of Weston 2010.

Post-War Life

After the conclusion of the Southern-Awesomite War, West saw problems with the government set up in the Declaration of Confederation, and, along with HIM Dave I, wrote the Constitution of the Confederation of Awesome. During the writing of the Constitution, West argued for more representation of the more populous provinces, but brokered a compromise with HIM Dave I. The Samian States were the first province to ratify the new government. When Confederation Congress went to nominate a cabinet, West was chosen as the Secretary of State due to his diplomatic skills during the war. West signed several of the bills that helped the Confederation's economic expansion at the end of it's foundation period. During these negotiations, he prevented conflict between his province and the original three by agreeing to the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Political beliefs and Personal life

Sam West has been described as politically centre-left. He is in favor of gay rights, the legalization of marijuana, increased gun control, and is pro-choice. At the same time, when it comes to foreign policy, he is more conservative. West's personal hobbies include cartooning, comedy, and making fun of bad movies.


When referring to West, one usually says “The Right Honourable Brendon West, Prime Minister of the Samian States.” This title applies to other offices he holds, such as “The Right Honourable Brendon West, Member of Samian Parliament for Centre-Weston.” This title is traditional for Samian Prime Ministers, and one does not lose it when they leave office.