Saint Peter

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Protectorate of Saint Peter
Protettorato di San Pietro (it)
Protettorât di Borc (fur)
Protektorat des St. Peter (de)


Fides et Devotio
Capital citySaint Peter
Largest citySaint Peter
Official language(s)Italian; Furlan; German
Official religion(s)Catholic Christian
DemonymPeterees; Yuniversan
GovernmentDecracy of Yunivers
- ProtectorAngelica Neumer
- CommissionerAndrea Lizzi
LegislatureCouncil of the Protectorate
- Type - Monocameral
Established1 October 2011 (As independent republic)
Area claimedTBC
CurrencyYuniversan Shilling
Time zone(UTC +1)
Patron saintSaint Peter
Vassal of the Central Protectorate

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Saint Peter (italian: San Pietro, furlan: Borc, german: Saint Peter), officially the Protectorate of Saint Peter (italian: Protettorato di San Pietro, furlan:Protettorât di Borc, german: Protektorat des St. Peter) was a protectorate of the Decracy of Yunivers, as an unincorporated territory.
Until January 2012 was an independent republic, and was unclaimed and returned back to Italy in January 2018.


The name Saint Peter derives from the Church of the capital: The Church of Saint Peter and Paul.


The Saint Peter's Republic

In October 2011 3 young students from the Italian town of San Pietro decided to found a micronation, following the example of neighboring Yunivers. It remained independent until January 2012 when, with the signing of a treaty, it became a vassal and a protectorate of the Central Protectorate, and thus of Yunivers.


The protectorate is perched on the slopes of Mount Ruvigna. A small fraction reaches the bed of the river Tagliamento. Most of the territory is covered with dense forests. The capital is in an old and forsaken castle.

The Citadel

The Citadel of Saint Peter is perched on the top of Mount Ruvigna. It consists of the Castle, seat of the government of the Protectorate, and of the Saint Peter's Church.

Security and military

The competence on the territory of Saint Peter belongs to the Gendarmerie of Yunivers