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  Region of Auvenum  
Nickname(s): Grauvenum
 - Body Mayor's Office
 - Governor N/A
Elevation 0.3048 m (1 ft)
Time zone Eastern (UTC-05:00)


Sólzem is made up of two words, "Sól" and "zem." In Auvenese (Russian but in Latin characters,) "Sól" means "salt," because Sólzem is situated on a salt marsh. "Zem" represents the word "land," and is pronounced: "zyEm."


After Our Dear Prince Russell Gilzem I visited Sólzem originally on 18 May 2019, and took in the already-built gravel roads (hence the nickname Gravenum) and the distance between North White Island and Sólzem. Gilzem took into account the ability to create traffic laws and for public transport to take off in Auvenum. It's also a nice preservation area for plants and animals.