Ryûji Midoriya

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Ryûji Midoriya (緑谷龍二, Midoriya Ryuuji) (1989, Osaka, Japan) is a politician of Hinata. He is the President of the Hinata Socialist Party and the Hinata Agricultural Association.

Ryûji Midoriya

President of the Hinata Socialist Party
In office
summer of year I - In office
Predecessor Office created
President of the Hinata Agricultural Association
In office
1 summer of year III - In office
Predecessor Tomomi Amano
Delegate farmer of HAA
In office
1 Autumm of year II - In office
President of HAA Tomomi Amano
Ryûji Midoriya
Predecessor Office created
Personal information
Born 1989
Flag of Japan.png Osaka, Japan
Political party HSP
Residence Chûô, Hinata
Religion Atheist

Political carreer

Midoriya was the founder of the Hinata Socialist Party. He won a seat in the 1st Hinata assembly election.

Personal life

Midoriya owns a large farm in the Chûô district. The 22 Spring III he married with the President of Hinata, Lanna Harada.