Royal anthem of Hashima

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"Hashimai Királyi Himnusz" (HU)
"Inno Reale di Hashima" (IT)
"Royal Anthem of Hashima" (EN)
National anthem of the Principality of Hashima
Anthem ofPrincipality of Hashima
LyricsNo lyrics
MusicBased on Königgrätzer_Marsch
Adopted30 November 2015

The Royal Anthem of Hashima (Hashimai Királyi Himnusz HU, Inno Reale di Hashima IT), is the title of the national anthem of the Principality of Hashima.
From 28 September 2014 until 29 November 2015, the Principality of Hashima used as de facto anthem the Russian anthem, without the lyrics.
In 30 November 2015, the Principality of Hashima officially set a national anthem, choosing the music of Königgrätzer_Marsch as national anthem, without lyrics.


The Royal Anthem of Hashima has been officially adopted on 30 November 2015, when Königgrätzer_Marsch has been officially set as national anthem for the Principality of Hashima.
Before, since the independence, the Principality of Hashima used, as de facto anthem, the Russian anthem, without the lyrics.


The national anthem does not have lyrics.
The main reason for this is for keep neutrality between the two national languages, Hungarian and Italian.

Flutters high the flag of Hashima
With its ideals and values
The green means hope of our hearts
The red signifies the courage of our hearts
The white indicates our peaceful hearts
In the eastern part of Asia
You hide yourself, small but precious
Mother Hashima we greet You!
Protect us and our loved ones
And bless the Prince and the Princess
Give us happiness and love
All our love for You we do extol
A land where all the human rights are protected
Love and honour partnered with humanity
The People of Hashima sings a victory hymn
To the glory of our genuine ideals
Long life to Hashima, together forever
We swear loyalty to You, Mother Hashima
We must protect you, we have this duty
Oh Hashima, we are proud of you!