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Royal State of Khazar

Khazar, officially the Royal State of Khazar was a territorial Jewish micronation. It was a parliamentary democracy and monarchy. The nation was located in the eastern regions of North America.

Royal State of Khazar

Capital cityHillel
Largest cityCamp Erikka, Monongahela Territory
Official language(s)English, Hebrew
Official religion(s)Judaism
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- PrinceEphraim I
- Prime MinisterSeth Nemerovski
- Knesset SpeakerSusan Lipscomb
LegislatureKhazar Knesset
- Type - Unicameral Parliament
Established3 March 2009
Area claimed~1,500,000m²
CurrencyUS dollar
Time zone(EST)

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In early 2009, a group of Jewish college students at a university in Appalachia wanted to create a Jewish homeland of their own. On March 3, 2009, the students came together to form Khazar. The government has been stable since.


The political system contained two branches: Royal and Legislative. The order of society was ranked in that order. The Royalty consisted of a Prince, a Princess, and a Prince Regent, in addition to many other positions of royal nobility and stature. They had supreme authority over the land. The Legislative Branch consisted of the Parliament, or Knesset, and the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister was a member of the Knesset. It was a unicameral body with ten nonpartisan seats.

  • Law of Return: The Khazari Knesset passed a law similar to that of the State of Israel allowing all people of Jewish origin or faith an expedited legal status and expedited citizenship. Amendments have given non-Jewish spouses or life partners the same right.


The Royal Military of Khazar consisted of two parts: the Royal Defense Force, and the Royal Coast Guard, defending Khazar's vast coastline. The age for conscription was 16, though the military was mostly in reserve.


  • Hillel- The Capital of Khazar. Contained the Knesset, the Royal Palace, and Levine Hall, the national synagogue and national hall.
  • Monongahela Territory - The largest inhabited territory of Khazar. It was vast, scenic, and mostly undeveloped. It was the only part of Khazar open to people that didn't have Khazari legal status. Camp Erikka, the largest city in Khazar was located in this territory.
  • Torantaanne Territory - The oldest territory of Khazar. It was fairly developed and home to many settlements. This territory was 120 miles from the rest of Khazar.
  • Stoyanov Territory - Khazar's Antarctic claim.