Royal Quebecois Mint

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Royal Quebecois Mint
Royal Quebecois À La Menthe
Crown corporation
IndustryCoin mintage
Founded9 June 2019
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
Aidan I (CEO)
ServicesPrecious metal storage, assay, refinery and coin production
OwnerGovernment of Quebec
Number of employees
10 (2019)
Three US Penny (1976, 1977 and 1985) after RQM refurbishment process.
A rare 1943 S Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Steel Cent after its cleaning restoration.

The Royal Quebecois Mint (French: Monnaie royale quebecois) is a Crown corporation, operating under the Royal Quebecois Mint Act. The shares of the Mint are held in trust for the Crown in right of Quebec.

The Mint produces all of Quebec's circulation coins and manufactures circulation coins on behalf of other nations, and refurbishes United States and Canadian coins. The Mint also designs and manufactures precious and base metal collector coins; copper, silver, Zinc, and Steel bullion coins; State medals, as well as medallions and tokens. It further offers gold and silver refinery and assay services it also Mints for the Governments of the Principality of Trepenny and the Republic of Holland.


The Company was created in early June 2019, when the current monarch, Aidan I found it fascinating to clean and refurbish old mint, including types that were not pressed any more. He began to experiment with different methods of cleaning, Lemon juice, Dish Soap, and even a pencil eraser, then he discovered that when he rubbed the coin fast against a wire brush or a grill brush, the penny would become clean and look new (only if the penny did not have existing cracks of marks). After he did this to around four coins all different years and using different medal types, he decided to create a Mint company in the Kingdom of Quebec and sell coins online, thus the Royal Quebecois Mint was formed.

In around September 2019, Aidan began to realize how the methods he was using was damaging expensive coins so he began using safe methods of cleaning and coin dipping.


Coin Designer Released
Obverse Reverse
5 Quebecois Dollars obverse (Coin).png 5 Quebecois Dollars Coin (Reverse).png Aidan I 8 July 2019
Aidan I $10 (ten)