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|data6 = <hr>
|data6 = <hr>
|label7 = Music
|label7 = Music
|data7 = [[w:Dmitri Shostakovich|Dmitri Shostakovich]], c. [[1938]]
|data7 = [[w:Dmitri Shostakovich|Dmitri Shostakovich]], c. 1938
|label8 = Adopted
|label8 = Adopted
|data8 = 19 October [[2018]]
|data8 = 19 October [[2018]]

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Royal Ikonian Anthem


National anthem of the
IKONflag.png Kingdom of Ikonia

MusicDmitri Shostakovich, c. 1938
Adopted19 October 2018

Audio sample

"The Royal Ikonian Anthem" is the national anthem of the Kingdom of Ikonia. The time of duration is 00:03:50 (hour:minute:second) making it the longest micronational anthem ever. "Waltz No.2" was recognized for official use by the Kingdom of Ikonia in 2018 by Ikonian King, Cameron Koehler. It was made the national anthem by a verbal ruling which was represented throughout the micronation.


As the song doesn't have any lyrics, everyone salutes instead of singing.