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Royal Army of Juclandia

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Royal Army of Juclandia is the national defense system of the Kingdom of Juclandia. It was founded in November 2011, after Law no. 3/4/2011 has passed.

Royal Army of Juclandia
Armata Regală Juclandeză
State Flag of Juclandia.png
War flag of Juclandia
Motto: Si bis pacem, para bellum
Anthem The Answer of the Soldiers
Established November 2011
Country Kingdom of Juclandia
Branches Land Army, Air Defense Force
Commander-in-Chief Marshal Ciprian I
Minister of Defense General Bestia Reformescu
General information
Headquarters none
Active personnel 24


It is made of the following units:

  • 1st Division "Royal Guard of Juclandia"
  • 2nd Division "Ernesto Che Guevara"
  • 1st Regiment Espionage
  • 1st Batallion - Operations
  • 2nd Batallion - External Espionage
  • 2nd Regiment Reconnaissance
  • 3rd Batallion - Technical
  • 4th Batallion - Terrestrial Informations
  • 3rd Regiment Infantry
  • 5th Batallion - Self-defense
  • 6th Batallion - Mecanized
  • 4th Regiment Infantry
  • 7th Batallion - Logistics
  • 8th Batallion - Antiaircraft
  • 4th Division "Saint Elias"
  • 5th Regiment Civilian
  • 9th Batallion - Support
  • 10th Batallion - Counterespionage
  • 6th Regiment Technical
  • 11th Batallion - Computers
  • 12th Batallion - Scientifical