Royal Ásatrú Padoru Party

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The Royal Ásatrú Padoru Party is an Absolute Monarchist New Scythian political party, established on 03 September 2020 by Justinian I. It holds a majority in the Alþingi, along with the Direct Democracy Party.

Royal Ásatrú Padoru Party

ᚱᛟᚤᚨᛚ ᚨᛋᚨᛏᚱᚢ ᛈᚨᛞᛟᚱᚢ ᛈᚨᚱᛏᚤ (EF)

バイキングパドル パーティー (JP)

LeaderJustinian I
ColorsBlack, Red, and White
AnthemMarch against the Kali Yuga

Jingle Bells (Japanese)

Election symbol
Party flag