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Roter, circa 2014
1st Groundskeeper of Rotar
In office:
June 2017 - present
Preceded by: Office established
Succeeded by: Incumbent
Personal information
Species: Budgie parrot
Nationality: Corian
Born: c. 2013
Residence: Rotar, Nedland

Roter (Serbian Cyrillic: Ротeр) is an iconic male budgie parrot, and an important animal in Nedlandic culture. He is also an important local figure in neighboring Coria City. He is seen as an unofficial mascot of the Nedlandic state. He resides in the Nedlandic territory of Rotar, being the area's only resident.

Roter was originally bought by Corian king Nikola Jovanović in 2013, and at some point was released within the next several years following that time. Since then, he has lived in Jovanović's backyard.