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Flag of Rotar.png

Map of rotar.jpg
Coordinates: 44.736053, 20.650540
Belgrade, Serbia, bordering eastern Coria City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
- Genghis KhanNed Greiner
- ChiefNikola Jovanovic
Established4 June 2017
Area claimed216,75m2
Population1 (4 June 2017)
CurrencyCoronese Corona
Time zoneCET

Rotar, also known as Rotari or Shuma, is a department of the Khanate of Nedland. It consists of a significant part of Nikola Jovanovic's backyard, gifted to the government by the Kingdom of Coria on June 4, 2017 in order to apply to the Balkan Union.

Jovanovic's former pet bird, Roter, lives on the territory - being the region's only territorial resident. However, Jovanovic himself is counted in the department's human population. It borders Hatcher's Pond - a water body that it shares with Coria. To date, it is the only water body that Nedland has a border with officially. It was originally intended to be a a constituent state of the Desi Empire, however Nikola's brother failed to properly contact the Desi Emperor and sign a treaty with him, thus Rotar was granted to Nedland.