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Robert Garside
Coat of Arms of the Republic of Akebar
Personal information
Born 18/09/1998
Birth name Robert Lee Garside
Citizenship Pavlov, United Kingdom
Nationality Pavlovian, British
Ethnicity English
Residence Harehill and St. Mary's (special municipality of Akebar)
Occupation Student
Religion Agnostic (Cultural catholic)
Military service
Allegiance Flag of Akebar.png Akebarian Liberation Army
In service 2013-2016
Rank General

Robert Garside (née Robert Fishwick) is a Pavlovian politician and current Viceroy of the State of Akebar, as well as one of the nation's founding members. He represents Akebar within Pavlov as well as on an intermicronational scale. Robert was also involved with the now defunct Sorrenian Federation politican, serving as a member of the Sorrenian Workers Party and as President for a short period of time in 2015.

He currently resides in Harehill and St. Mary's, a special municipality of the Republic of Akebar.


As a name, Robert originates from Old High German Hrodberht "bright-fame, bright with glory," from hrod- "fame, glory," from Proto-Germanic *hrothi-, + -berht "bright". The name of William the Conqueror's rebellious oldest son, it was introduced by Normans during the reign of Edward the Confessor and became very popular.

Offices Currently Held

Name Nation Flag Assumed Predecessor Other Information
President of Akebar-Wensleydale Flag of Akebar.png 28/09/14 Office Established to replace Monarch Became President after ousting King Joseph Kennedy
Chief Territorial Governor of Sorrenia Sorrenian Flag.jpg 07/03/14 Office Established Won the election with a landslide victory
Viceroy of Akebar Flag of Akebar.png Flag of Pavlov.jpg 14/10/16 Office Established Won the election with a landslide victory