Richard Vincent

Richard Vincent (born October 2, 1996) is the current President of the People's Republic of Richland, 1st Governor of the State of Polis and also the Head Chairmen of the Popular Party of Richland.

The Right Honourable
Richard Dean Vincent
Official Portrait
1st President of the Republic
Assumed office
September 12, 2009
Predecessor Office Created
3rd Head Chairmen of the PPR
Assumed office
September, 2010
Predecessor Office Created
1st Govoneror of Polis
Assumed office
January 25, 2011
Predecessor Office Created
Personal information
Born October 2nd, 1996
Citizenship Richlantic
Nationality American
Political party Popular Party of Richland
Residence Polis, Richland
Religion Christian

Involvement with Richland

Richard founded the republic on September 12, 2011, he held a dinner with the two other founders of the nation. after creating a flag from a surplus dutch flag, Vincent was appointed President. after a couple of months Vincent opened up bar. Comrade's Bar. it was successful and has been one of the main vocal points of the country. In April 2010 Vincent established the Citizens' Assembly a lawmaking body and held several meetings throughout the year. In 2011 Vincent oversaw the expansion of many states around the country. he also established the first newspaper, The Capital Ledger. He currently is trying expand Richlands economy with several other officials.