Riccardo Buomprisco

Riccardo Buomprisco (Riccardo Gregorio Buomprisco; Campania, Italy) is the Minister of Economy in office of Earth's Kingdom from the 1 January 2021 and the Count of Abria from the 13 January 2021 as Riccardo Gregorio I of Abria.
Because of his position as Minister of Economy, Riccardo Buomprisco is also a member of the Green and Blue Commission of Earth's Kingdom.
He didn't contributed to the foundation of Earth's Kingdom directly, but he still supported her throughout her training, and therefore received the honor of a "Founding Contribuent of Earth's Kingdom". As Count of Abria he will remain in office until he abdicates in favor of his first son.

Riccardo Buomprisco
(Earth's Kingdom)
2nd Minister of Economy of Earth's Kingdom
In Office 1 January 2021 - current
Predecessor Antonio Di Martino
Successor current
State Earth's Kingdom
King Antonio I
2nd Count of Abria (E.K.)
Period 13 January 2021 - current
Predecessor managed by State
Successor current
Succession name Riccardo Gregorio I
Noble Title Count
Federal State County of Abria

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