Revolutionary Liberty Club

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Revolutionary Liberty Club
Regime of the Revolutionary Brothers and Sisters and of the Depressed people
LeaderRifqi Hanif
Deputy LeaderVacant
President of RichenslandAniq Sufyan
Vice President of RichenslandRifqi Hanif
Founder(s)Aniq Sufyan
Rifqi Hanif
Founded7 December 2020, Plurinational State of Richensland
Dissolved2 May 2021, Most Serene Republic of Richensland
Preceded byLibertarian Party(Richensland)
Succeeded byNationalist party
Membership  (2020)5
Political positionSelf Proclaimed:
Third Position
Official colours  Black  

White   Orange
(official,Richenslandic National Colours)

Brown (customary)
Party flag

The Regime of the Revolutionary Brothers and Sisters and of the Depressed people, more commonly known as the Revolutionary Liberty Club,was a political movement and party in Richensland. It succeeded the Libertarian party of Richensland. It was dissolved on 2 May 2021, following the Proclamation of the Most Serene Republic of Richensland and the demilitarization of the country.

Electoral Performance