Revolutionary Guard of Danesland

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Daneslandic People's Revolutionary Guard
Founded 5 December 2009
Headquarters Blythe, Danesland
Minister of Defense James Thomson
Deputy Minister of Defense General Johnson
Service branches Danesland People's Army, Danesland Airforce
Military Manpower
Military Age 12(compulsory service is 15)
Active Troops 3
Reserve Troops 1
Total Personnel 4

The Revolutionary Guard of the Socialist People's Republic of Danesland, also known as the Daneslandic People's Revolutionary Guard, was the armed forces of the Socialist People's Republic of Danesland and was founded on 5 December 2009. Its headquarters were located in Blythe, Danesland under the leadership of the Minister of Defense James Thomson and Deputy Minister of Defense General Johnson. The Guard consisted of two service branches, the Danesland People's Army and the Danesland Airforce. The minimum age for service was twelve with compulsory service required at age fifteen. The Revolutionary Guard was involved in three armed conflicts throughout the history of the Socialist People's Republic of Danesland.

Conflicts Active

  • War for the Defense of the Fatherland(2009)
  • Daneslandic Civil War(2010)
  • Daneslandic Socialist Revolution(2011)


  • 13th Light Infantry Division
  • 1st High Command
  • 31st Intelligence Brigade

Former Divisions

  • 22nd Defense Brigade

Manpower: 10

  • 301st Fire Support Brigade

Manpower: 3

  • 101st Expeditionary Force

Manpower: 25

  • 32nd Reserve Force

Manpower: 2