Republic of Wynaan

The Republic of Wynaan is a small micronation located within the United States and also has a territory that borders Tanzania. The current population of 17 enjoy a democratic government alongside a preferential voting system different from the American voting system. Wynaan's original population of 4 declared independence on April 22, 2016. 

Republic of Wynaan

"Only the best is good enough"
"Hail Wynaan"
North America, Africa, Antarctica 
Capital cityRefa 
Largest cityRefa
Official language(s)English
- President Patrick Lightning
- Vice PresidentB.M. Jenkins 
- Secretary of State H. Jenkins 
- Number of seats - 4 
EstablishedApril 22, 2016
Area claimed2,060.20 km² (estimated)
CurrencyUnited Pound, U.S. Dollar ($)
Time zoneUTC -5, UTC +2.5 (DST observed)
National sportIce Hockey
National animalHouse cat


Wynaan's name comes from the name of the fictional planet "Wynaan" from an unpublished book called "Galaxy Wars". Aside from that, the name "Wynaan" has no official meaning.



Wynaan's history begins in April 22, 2016 when 4 individuals founded the Oligarchy of Wynaan. About a week later, the first national election was held to see who would be President. Congressmen and government officials were elected After Patrick Lightning was elected first president of Wynaan,  he set to work drafting the first constitution of Wynaan. It was ratified by the congress May 24, 2016. On May 30, 2016 the name of Wynaan was officially changed to the Republic of Wynaan. Several new states were added at this time raising the population to 6 in less than a month of the countries founding. A flag, coat of arms, and a motto were also created at this time.

Official Historical Document

WARNING: Historical Document is out of date and slated to be updated.

States of Wynaan

There are currently 4 official states of Wynaan, 1 District, and 1 territory


  • Refa (Capital District)
  • State A (awaiting name)
  • State B (awaiting name)
  • State C (awaiting name)
  • State D (awaiting name)


  • Territory A (awaiting name)
  • Bir Tawil 


There are three branches of the government; The Executive branch, The Judical branch, and the Congress. The passage of power goes:

President - Vice President - Secretary of State - Secretary of War - Oldest member of congress

The Executive Branch

This branch includes two major people, the President and Vice President. The President is the leader of the country and also the most influential member of congress (see congress). The main election is April 29, with a primary election to pick two candidates about a week before. The Vice President is chosen by the president at the start of his term. The VP handles most of the foreign affairs and serves as a member of congress. The branch also includes the Secretaries of State and War. The Secretary of State approves annexation of new states and becomes the VP if he/she is unable to fulfill his/her duties. The Secretary of War is the commander of the military in times or war. Any military action taken by the Secretary of War must be approved by the President. The Secretary of War also alongside fulfills the role of Secretary of State if he/she cannot fulfill his/her duties.

The Judicial Branch

In the Judical Branch, there are three judges that serve on the Supreme Court. One judge is chosen by the President upon inauguration, the second is chosen by Congress, and the third is chosen by a general vote of the citizens. The Supreme Court can rule laws or acts unconstitutional and acts as the body of justice throughout the land. 

Branch of Congress

4 members of government currently make up the congress with two being the President and the Vice President and two being elected citizens. However due to a potential increase in population, the congress will be expanded. The congress proposes, passes, and rejects laws that apply to Wynaan. The President's vote counts as two votes and has the most say in the lawmaking. Every year in October 29, two citizens are elected to run for congress. The current congressmen may run for another term. 

Elections and Voting

In congress, laws pass or are rejected by a 1/2 majority vote. However, election voting works differently. Wynaan uses a system called Preferential voting for elections. 

Political Parties of Wynaan

There were two main political parties in Wynaan; the Capitalist Party and the Independence Party. However since then the two have merged to form the Freedom Party. There is also the faction of independents who are not aligned to any specific party. 

The Capitalist Party

The Capitalist Party generally supports issues regarding the advancement of business, market, trade, and the economy. They believe in free enterprise and a mixed economy. They generally put economic and business issues before civil rights but the rights of the people are highly regarded for. The Capitalist Party generally supports most U.S. Republican views and ideals.

The Independence Party

The Independence Party generally supports civil rights first and economical problems second.  

The Freedom Party

With the union of both the Capitalist and Independence parties, they have brought about positive reform and change. The union came as a response to influence an election regarding a controversial figure and since then has remained intact.


Any citizen or member of government in Wynaan can choose to not align themselves with any political party. If so, they are registered as "Independents" not to be confused with the Independence Party.

Seats in Congress

Party Name Founder Members Seats in Congress
Freedom Party Patrick Lightning, B.M. Jenkins 3
3 / 4
Independents None 14
1 / 4

Diplomatic Relations

Wynaan would like to begin diplomatic talks with other nations. If your nation would like to have diplomatic ties with Wynaan or be recognized, send the President a request at If Wynaan recognizes your nation, you must also recognize Wynaan. Wynaan is also a member of the [[Intermicronational Union]]

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|[[File:Final.png|border|30px]] [[United Federation of Fornelos]]

|Alliance/Recognition (IMU member)



|[[File:Flag_of_the_Empire_of_Skywalkistan.png|border|30px]] [[Empire of Skywalkistan]]

|Alliance/Recongition (IMU member)



|[[File:VoyflenFlag.png|border|30px]] [[Barony of Voyflen]]

|IMU member



| [[File:Principality of Garonne.png|border|30px]] [[Principality of Garonne]]

|IMU member



|Republic of Mize





Citizenship of Wynaan is somewhat closed to the outside world except for a select few. Those who are aaproched by a government official and are given Wynaan's official email must send an email requesting statehood to the Vice President. The VP then asks the Secretary of State for approval and if accepted, then the individual(s) and his land become citizens and an official state. Changes might be made to allow a more open immigration. 


Wynaan has one state owned business called [[Wynaan Compositions]]


Wynaan's official religion is Christianity. However everyone in Wynaan has complete religious freedom.


Wynaan has no official healthcare system in place at the moment. All healthcare is provided by the individual.


At the moment there is no central form of education in Wynaan. However, the current president would like to found a "Univeristy of Wynaan".


Wynaan has no military for offensive actions but does have a military for national defense. All citizens of Wynaan are expected to defend the nation if it comes under attack. The Secretary of War is in charge of coordinating defensive actions between the military in times of war. The current arms of Wynaan include:

*Paintball guns

*One spy drone

== Recreation==


Wynaan has one official sports league, the WKHL (Wynaan Knee Hockey League). The league consists of 4 teams: The Neefosca Penguins, The Hermitville Oilers, The Ghiamonga Rhinos, and the Hermitville Panthers.

Official page [[Wynaan Knee Hockey League]]


Wynaanian enjoy several different types of games. Some popular games include "Memoir '44", "Dungeons & Dragons", "Acquire", "Minecraft", "Super Smash Bros", and "Star Wars Battlefront".

A new game that is becoming popular in some of Wynaan's states is a video game called "Splatoon".


On federal holidays, all state employees have off. Official holidays are recognized but no employee has off.

'''Federal Holidays'''

*Independence Day - April 22, 2016

*Fireworks Day - July 4

*Thanksgiving Day - Nov. 24th

*Easter - April 4

*Christmas - Dec. 25th

'''Official Holidays'''

*St. Patrick's Day - March 17

*Pi Day - March 14

*Starwars Day - May 4