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Republic of Vertigo

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Presidency of Vertigo

PoVertigo CoA.png
Coat of Arms

Vertigo Spring
Capital citySouth Jerusalem
Largest citySouth Jerusalem
Official language(s)English,Hebrew
GovernmentBenevolant Dictatorship mixed with Republic
- PresidentRoi A. Gerszkoviez
- Vice-PresidentVacant
- Parliamentary PresidentVacant
LegislatureNational Parliament of Vertigo
Established5 August 2014
Area claimed130.1 km² (incl. entire Jerusalem and Kiryat Malachi)
Currencyde-jure: Vertigan Crown
Time zone(UTC+2)
National sportFootball

Vertigo, officialy the Presidency of Vertigo, is a micronation located in the Middle East. It was established by President Roi A. Gerszkoviez and three other citizen. It claims the entire Jerusalem and Kiryat Malachi territories from [[w:Israel|Israel], and currently controls South Jerusalem - a territory in Jerusalem - and Kiryat Malachi. Both territories are in the Erets-Israel Region, which is currently the only region. The goal of the Vertigan Nation is to create a new society, based on justice and truth, that educates to love people and will avoid war and hate.


The Football is the national sport of Vertigo.
The Vertigan Government has confirmed that a Football Association and a National Team will be created in the following months.