Republic of Vaarstead

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Republic of Vaarstead
Vaarstead National Flag.pngVaarstead Coat of Arms.png

Tueri ius (Latin: Protect the Right)
Balleny Islands Aerial Photo NASA.jpg
The Balleny Islands and Antarctic coast from space, December 2007
Capital cityFiskr
Largest cityFiskr
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameVaarstead
LegislatureMoot of Vaarstead
Area claimed800km²
Population1 (as of January 2016 count)
Time zoneUTC+12:10 Vaarstead Time
National sportIce Hockey
National animalChinstrap Penguin

The now defunct Republic of Vaarstead was a micronation founded on the 28th of January 2016 and dissolved on the 11th of December by High-King Stuart Carey the Protector. The Micronation claimed sovereignty over the Balleny Islands in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica and inside the New Zealand Antarctic Claim. The government was run on an aristocratic system where all government officials were selected by the head of state.


Tsardom of Vjesi and Founding

The owner of the nation previously was the Tsar of the now defunct Tsardom of Vjesi after 7 months away from micronationalism he decided that it was time for him to return to micronationalism and therefore began searching for territory for his new nation. He found territory in the Balleny Islands, a chain of islands in the Southern Ocean. He later declared independence of his new nation in late January that year.

Introduction and Response

After declaring independance Vaarstead went relatively unnoticed among the "old guard" micronationalists. The country suffered a short period of inactivity due to personal commitments by the owner of the nation.


In December 2016 the Republic of Vaarstead was dissolved back into New Zealand's Antarctic claim due to lack of activity and the owner of the nation retiring to focus on athlete pursuits.

Geography and climate


The climate around the Balleny Islands is typical of that of Antarctic Islands with average temperatures around the -10 °C mark. Antarctic storms are common during the summer months. During winter the island is on the edge of Antarctic sea ice shelf so pack ice and ice burgs are common.


Picture Name Area Population Jarl
Young Island.png Young Island 255.4km2 1 None
Buckle Island.png Buckle Island 123.6km2 0 None
Sabrina Island.png Borradaile Island 3.5km2 0 None
Row Island.png Row Island 1.7km2 0 None
Special Administrative Areas
Sturge Island.png Sturge Island 437.4km2 0 None

Government and politics

Vaarstead was an aristocracy. The High-King wass the title held by the owner of the nation and serves as the head of government and state. Each Province and Dependency had a Jarl apointed by the High-King who represents their province or dependency at the Moot of Vaarstead where legislature was drafted and approved. The Special Adminisrative Areas of Vaarstead were controlled by the High-King.

Law and order

Law and order in Vaarstead wass maintained by detachments from the Vaarstead Armed Forces particularly the National Guard. The legal system worked in a 3 tiered system the Jarls Court, High-Yarls Court and the High-Kings Court. The Jarls court was mainly for misdemeanors and minor crimes and was administered by each jarl of the relevant province.

Foreign relations

Vaarstead was always happy to enter into relations with other nations. This was controlled by the High-King and could sometimes be put before the Moot or the Court of Jarls for feedback.

Recognized, No Relations

Recognized, Formal Relations


The Vaarstead Armed Forces were the military of Vaarstead. The 3 main branches were the Vaarstead Ground Forces, Vaarstead Coast Guard and Vaarstead Air Service with 2 special serivce detachments being the Vaarstead National Guard and the Vaarstead Foreign Legion. During wartime the High-King may have called upon levies from each of the Jarls to defend the nation.


The culture and society structure of Vaarstead was similar to that based on the norse traditions with modern Scandinavian and Australian. It is proposed that the majority of the population should live in modern takes on long houses. No education wass preformed inside the borders of Vaarstead and all citizens were educated within macronations. The primary language spoken was English.


Sport was popular among the citizens of Vaarstead. Most notably being in the form of Ice Hockey which is enjoyed year round by the Jarl with plans for an ice rink to be built following the colonization of the island.

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