Republic of Styrka

Styrka was a landlocked nation located in the U.S. state of Connecticut.It was a Military Junta Run Completely by Damon Reynolds, a man famous for being offensive, creating fake people, sockpocketing, etc.

Styrka flag.jpg

Strength, Power, Freedom
North Eastern Connecticut
Capital cityNew Otium
Official language(s)English, German
Short nameStyrka
GovernmentMilitary Junta Single Party Dictatorship
- PresidentDamon Reynolds
Established10 January 2013
Area claimed.98 acres
Time zoneEST
National drinkCoca-Cola
National animalDog


Styrka was formed after the Lewisia-Otium war. Otium, Styrka's predecessor state, lost the war to the Lewisians, and was forced to disestablish, just to come back as the Republic of Styrka. Months later, The Union of Micronations (A YAMO that Styrka liked to focus on.) was formed, Stykra had great interest, and joined it. Styrka was put on trial for Dictitorial and Imperialist actions, and kicked out. It then went on to slander the UNM saying it had a "Strong Communist Bias". It started the "Union of Micronations for Peace and Progression." This group was discovered to kick non-Christian Conservatives that didn't do what the two Ruling states wanted. When the UNM was disbanded, Styrka thought that it had won, it then turned its attention to Frieden. A State created by the former leader of Lewisia. It was angry at Friedens mother-state, The Kingdom of Juclandia,and targeted it. Frieden and Juclandia chose to ignore it. In Styrka's last days, Reynolds held a Military Coup and declared himself Dictator. He was later "Overthrown" by Characters that he had created. It is believed this entire idea came from Reynold's want to leave Micronationalism.


The Government of Styrka is a Single Party Military Dictatorship ruled by Damon Reynolds. Damon Reynolds is General Secretary of the Conservative Party. During Reynold's Coup, he leaked info of him Rigging elections, making all other parties in Styrka completely null and void.


The Military of Styrka is the Federal Police, the SFP follows the orders of Damon Reynolds and the Conservative party alone. The SFP has never been in conflict as all the wars Styrka fought where virtual.

Media and Elections

The Media and Elections are controlled completely by Damon Reynolds and the Conservative Party. Media is completely censored with anything against the State or Reynolds being destroyed. Elections are rigged to favor Reynolds and the Conservative Party.


The Main allies of Styrka are Kaleido and New Mons. One being a Single Party Dictatorship in the Filipino sector of Micronationalism, and the other being a Christian Conservative "Republic" in the United States.