Republic of Sand Mountain

The Republic of Sand Mountains is the territory of the hill Sand Mountain, which is also the PLA of Mendersia.It borders only with the Czech Republic, exactly with the Ústecký Region. Its citizens are outside of Menders or do not live in New-Zatec. Not adjacent to the capital New-Zatec is about 17 km from it.


Citizens in Republic of Sand Mountain choose mainly MPM, TRD, PPM and MPNC.

Sand Mountain
Republic of Sand Mountain
  Republic in Mendersia
Flag Sand Mountain Coat of Army Sand Mountain
Location in Mendersia
Basic data
Capital City: Pensorys
Area: 0,505 km²
Citizens: 20
Density: 39,6 residents/km²
Governor: John Jindor Smith
Languages: Czech,English,Mendersian
Religions: ?