Republic of Range

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Republic of Range
Range Flag.jpgCoat of Arms of Range.jpg

Liberty and Freedom
Free Stars
Fakeville, United States
Capital cityArk
Official language(s)English, Spanish
GovernmentConstitucional Republic
Area claimed6km²
Time zone(GMT -5)
National sportFootball
This nation is a member of the Example Organisation

Range, officially the Republic of Range is a micronation located at Bogotá, Colombia, and also in Santa Marta, Colombia.


The Republic of Range was founded on June 4th of the 2016 year. The nation history begun when the Juan Miguel, proclaimed a large area both in the Andes Mountains, and the Caribbean sea. He firstly made the national political constitution, which make immediately that people could create its political parties. This began the founding of the National Imperialist Party, which consists of "conquering the world". There have been also the Democrat Alliance of Peace in Range, and the Technocracy idea in Range. Although of all of this, Juan Miguel, the leader of the National imperialist Party, or the IMP, became the president. He began to plan of having a large army, and he wanted to conquer the micronationalist world. He began to thin that the world belonged to Range. This began to create riots at Ark, for having the world peace.

Government and politics

It is currently a presidential, constitutional republic, with a democrat form of government. But it have began to have a big influence the Imperial form of government in Range.


The MK-47, is the emergency weapon, and its used only for the defense of Range, and sometimes for attacking other micronations.

The army is conformed by the infantry, the naval forces, and the marine forces. It uses normally airsoft weapons, but it also haves real weapons. The infantry haves 7 guns, 2 of the MK-47, 3 MK-2 grenades. It is one of the most powerful armies in the whole micronations world. It have been in the some battles as an uncovered organization in the Atlantis Civil War. The SRA, also known as the Secret Army Organization, is a secret army that serves to analyze, and steal secret information from other micronations. In the mustachistan war, the SRA used to be steal information from the mustachistans army. In the atlantis civil war, it is used to infiltrate to the communist organizations for stealing all the information of this organizations, and passing the information o the atlantic government.

Geography and climate

The Jameshill mounts, is on the andes mountains.

It haves a cold and a tropical humid temperatures. Ark is one the Jameshill mounts, which haves a very cold temperatures in this parts. The Saint Beach haves tropical humid temperatures in all the sectors of this place. Its biomes are principally, taiga, forest, high mountain, savanna, tropical jungle, beaches, and mangroves. Its also haves a mountainous terrain, and a humid terrain like. Ark is the highest city in all of Range. Also Range haves a total 3 cities. Ark haves a cold temperature. Its also haves beautiful landscapes. Range haves a large extent of maritime sea on the Caribbean sea. Its submarine world is considered one of the most beautiful places in all the micronationalists nations. Range also protects some of the natural places in all range by it system of the National Natural Park System.