Republic of Range

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Republic of Range
Range Flag.jpgCoat of Arms of Range.jpg

Liberty and Freedom
Free Stars
Range Map.jpg
Bogotá, Colombia
Capital cityArk
Official language(s)English, Spanish
GovernmentConstitucional Republic
Area claimed6km²
Time zone(GMT -5)
National sportFootball

Range, officially the Republic of Range is a micronation located at Bogotá, Colombia, and also in Santa Marta, Colombia.


The Republic of Range was founded on June 4th of the 2016 year. The nation history begun when the Juan Miguel, proclaimed a large area both in the Andes Mountains, and the Caribbean sea. He firstly made the national political constitution, which make immediately that people could create its political parties. This began the founding of the National Imperialist Party, which consists of "conquering the world". There have been also the Democrat Alliance of Peace in Range, and the Technocracy idea in Range. Although of all of this, Juan Miguel, the leader of the National imperialist Party, or the IMP, became the president. He began to plan of having a large army, and he wanted to conquer the micronationalist world. He began to thin that the world belonged to Range. This began to create riots at Ark, for having the world peace.

Government and politics

It is currently a presidential, constitutional republic, with a democrat form of government. But it have began to have a big influence the Imperial form of government in Range.


The MK-47, is the emergency weapon, and its used only for the defense of Range, and sometimes for attacking other micronations.

The army is conformed by the infantry, the naval forces, and the marine forces. It uses normally airsoft weapons, but it also haves real weapons. The infantry haves 7 guns, 2 of the MK-47, 3 MK-2 grenades. It is one of the most powerful armies in the whole micronations world. It have been in the some battles as an uncovered organization in the Atlantis Civil War. The SRA, also known as the Secret Army Organization, is a secret army that serves to analyze, and steal secret information from other micronations. In the mustachistan war, the SRA used to be steal information from the mustachistans army. In the atlantis civil war, it is used to infiltrate to the communist organizations for stealing all the information of this organizations, and passing the information o the atlantic government.

Geography and climate

The Jameshill mounts, is on the andes mountains.
This is the map of the coastal part of Range at Santa Marta, Colombia. It is conformed by tropical jungle

It haves a cold and a tropical humid temperatures. Ark is one the Jameshill mounts, which haves a very cold temperatures in this parts. The Saint Beach haves tropical humid temperatures in all the sectors of this place. Its biomes are principally, taiga, forest, high mountain, savanna, tropical jungle, beaches, and mangroves. Its also haves a mountainous terrain, and a humid terrain like. Ark is the highest city in all of Range. Also Range haves a total 3 cities. Ark haves a cold temperature. Its also haves beautiful landscapes. Range haves a large extent of maritime sea on the Caribbean sea. Its submarine world is considered one of the most beautiful places in all the micronationalists nations. Range also protects some of the natural places in all range by it system of the National Natural Park System.The Caribbean Sea is an oceanic sea largely situated on the Caribbean Plate. The Caribbean Sea is separated from the ocean by several island arcs of various ages. The youngest of them stretches from the Lesser Antilles to the Virgin Islands to the north east of Trinidad and Tobago off the coast of Venezuela. This arc was formed by the collision of the South American Plate with the Caribbean Plate and includes active and extinct volcanoes such as Mount Pelee, the Quill (volcano) on Sint Eustatius in the Caribbean Netherlands and Morne Trois Pitons on Dominica. The larger islands in the northern part of the sea Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica and Puerto Rico lie on an older island arc. The geological age of the Caribbean Sea is not known with certainty but is estimated to have an age between 160 and 180 million years and was formed by a horizontal fracture that split the supercontinent called Pangea in the Mesozoic Era.[4] It is assumed that the proto-caribbean basin existed in the Devonian period. In the early Carboniferous movement of Gondwana to the north and its convergence with the Euramerica basin decreased in size. The next stage of the formation of the Caribbean Sea began in the Triassic. Powerful rifting led to the formation of narrow troughs, stretching from modern Newfoundland to the west coast of the Gulf of Mexico which formed siliciclastic sedimentary rocks. In the early Jurassic due to powerful marine transgression, water broke into the present area of the Gulf of Mexico creating a vast shallow pool here. The emergence of deep basins in the Caribbean occurred during the era of the Middle Jurassic rifting. The emergence of these basins marked the beginning of the Atlantic Ocean and contributed to the destruction of Pangaea at the end of the late Jurassic. During the Cretaceous the Caribbean acquired the shape close to that seen today. In the early Paleogene due to Marine regression the Caribbean became separated from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean by the land of Cuba and Haiti.


The San Jose Mines, are one of the most attractive placer in Range, located at the outskirts of Ark.
The Jimshill National Natural Park, is a very beautiful zone with a lot of nature. This park protects one of the most beautiful places in Range

The tourism is one of the most important sources of the economy in Range. The most famous landmarks are the San Jose Mines, The Jimshill National Natural Park, The William Mountain, The Ark Stadium, and the Gibraltar Canyon. The hills of Suba are subject to two major natural hazards, one of them are landslides that occur mainly in the winter months in Bogota and blocking minor roads neighborhoods that are located in the hills Suba, occur when the ground becomes waterlogged and this ends up giving so holding, it is a tree or a building. The other great danger is forest fires that occur in the summer months and more wind, which are for example August or September, this type of fire not only affects the hills of Suba but also to all mountain formations surrounding Bogota, usually fires are caused by sun exposure grassland and scrub on the higher parts of the hills, which with the help of plastic bottles and human criminal ingenuity unleashes tens of hectares of forest reserve and homes reduced to ashes; fortunately firefighters are well trained to deal with such situations because they have the latest helicopters that have pockets of water that collect the waters of Lake Club Los Lagartos to extinguish fires, when these fires occur sky north and west of Bogota turns a reddish orange because of the great height of the fire can reach.