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The Republic of Ozark, known officially as the Federation of Ozark, was a self declared nation located in the Queen City of the Ozarks. West Springfield is its successor nation.

Federation of Ozark

Got Freedom?
Capital cityBailemor (A.K.A. Lewistown)
Official language(s)English
Short nameOzark
- PresidentDallas B.
LegislatureNational Congress
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 3
- Last election - 2018
EstablishedJune 5th, 2016
Area claimed12.19 Acres
Time zoneCentral Standard Time (CST)
National sportNo national sport.
National animalBuck


Kingdom of Orchard Park

The Kingdom of Orchard Park was a state before the direct democracy that exist now. Under the Burlison family, it had few people outside of the royal family. After a while, the royals gave over the nation to a democracy. There wasn't any war or secession movement that caused this, it was just the voice of the people that turned them democratic. They live in the current nation today.


In July 2016, the then president of the nation and one citizen declared themselves not apart of the republic. Citizens in the nation (which was much smaller at the time) had been doing what the last two people did, declaring themselves non-ozarkians, until finally, the nation ceased to exist.

Battle of Lewistown

The Battle of Lewistown, where it's now called Bailemor, happened with a disputed region of the Bailemor municipality, Harryville. It occurred the night of December 4th, around 6PM, CST when a rebel and what he called 'his slave', tried to split from the confederation. It looked for a brief period that they were going to storm Lewistown House, but the president and a citizen bravely fought them off. Harrison, the 'founder' of Harryville was then exiled from the nation, with him being able to return January 1st, 2018.

Name Change

On the 23rd of March, 2018, the president and his advisor (the vice president) weren't satisfied with the name 'Orchard Park Republic.' So the VP went searching for other names, such names as: Baile Republic, Bailemor Republic, and several others. Sometime later he strolled across the Indian Stream Republic, realized that the seasonal stream in the nation didn't have a name. He then proclaimed it the Ozark Stream, and a new name for the nation, Ozark Stream Republic.

Ozark Militaristic Government

After a brief 13 hours of existence on the 12th of June, 2018, the Ozarks Militaristic Government collapsed. It was a military lead government that replaced the democracy of the Ozark Stream Republic.

Merger with Madea

On the 14th of June, 2018, the two sovereign nations of Madea and Ozark Stream merged to make the Confederation of Madark. Each republic was considered a state.

Independence From Madark

On the 17th of June, 2018, the Confederation split up. It was a mutual decision between Madea and Ozark. They both turned back into their own sovereign nations.


On July 18th, 10:38 Central Daylight Time, the Federation of Ozark collapsed. No details on why this happened were given. They were also in a hiatus period since the 16th of July. Details on that are as follows: The President (Dallas B.) was thinking about giving up on the Federation of Ozark. The public urged him not to do so, so instead of completely quitting, he put it in hiatus.


The Republic of Ozark is located 4.5 miles Southwest-west of the city center of Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. It has one major hill named the Hill of Bailemor for the city at its base. The Republic also has a ditch/creek at the bottom of the hill, with the name of Ozark Stream. it has one street, one paved trail, several trees,and few flowers. The majority of the OZR is just a field with minor hills.

Greater Bailemor

Greater Bailemor is the most popular and populous state, with the only citizen and ~25 residents. Its the second largest state in the Confederation of Ozark. Home to Bailemor, the nations capital city, commercial hub, and also Wilson's County, there's a reason why it's popular. Greater Bailemor is also the southernmost Region.

Wilson's County

The Wilson's County is one of two counties in the state of Greater Bailemor. It's important to the OZR because it has a lookout point/fort and a naval base. The fort there is called Ft. Tuscaloosa because Victor C. (the one who built the fort) hails from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Geleng/Great Step

The Great Step was the only state to be annexed/colonized. Coming in at 8.24 acres, it's the largest county. While the majority of it is just a field, it does get a moderate amount of foot-traffic.

Foreign Relations

Recognized, Did Talk
Recognized, Didn't Talk


Map for the OZR : [1]

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