Republic of Neutrexia

Republic of Neutrexia
Neutral We Stand
Official language(s) English
Capital Motu Nui
Date founded 2009
Number of citizens 3
Number of active citizens 3
Government Republic
Current leader President Juan Salvador Gaviota
National animal Seagull

The Republic of Neutrexia used to be a colony of the Sovereign Military Order of Salazar until it obtained its independence in 2009. It is one of the founding membres of the Union of South American Micronations and the Intermicronational Blue Cross and Blue Crescent Movement. And a member of the Movement of Non-Aligned Micronations.

The Island of Motu Nui

After obtaining their independence in 2009 the Neutrexians decided to establish their Government and their main City on the Island of Motu Nui in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Same-Sex Marriage

The 1st of April 2010 came into effect the decree of February 5 which was aproved and ratified by the Neutrexian Senate. Such decree allows the celebration and recogniton of marriages of the same sex, inside the territorial jurisdiction of the Republic of Neutrexia.

Island of Motu Nui

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