Republic of Narconia

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The Republic of Narconia is a micronation founded on the 27th of March, 2014 as a semi-serious attempt by a group of Connecticut high school students to found their own independent government.

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The name Narconia is a temporary name derived from a conversation about the TV show Beaking Bad. [edit]


The Republic was founded on March 27th, 2014 in the library of Metropolitan Business Academy, a high school in Connecticut. [edit]

Government and politics

Narconia uses a system of government similar to that of Great Britain, in that it uses a system of Ministries to create laws and has a Parliament to run government affairs. It is different in that it opperates using a Two-Branch system; one in charge of all parliamentary affairs, and one in charge of all ministries [edit]

Law and order

Narconia has yet to establish a judiciary system. [edit]

Foreign relations

Narconia has yet to engage in relations with other micronations as it is still being fully developed. However it fully intends to become a part of the micronational community [edit]


Narconia's military is very limited at this point in time, due to its relatively low population. It has a strong military in mind for the future however, with the Ministry of Panda Warfare and the Ministry of Robotic Warfare already established. [edit]

Geography and climate

Narconia consists of several City States spaning accross Connecticut. Its only currently established city is New Brigham, with a population of 4. It has a standard New England climate, generaly mild year-round. [edit]


Narconia has an extreme form of Laizzes-faire Capitalism, with each citizen making and spending money however they please. It collects no money through taxes of any kind. [edit]


The national language of Narconia is English, although the Ministry of Cultural Affairs is hard at work developing one. Narconia currently recognizes Pastafarianism as its official religion [edit]

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