Republic of Mexica

The Republic of Mexica was a micronation in Minnesota.

Republic of Mexica

Let Us Be In Peace
Capital cityLobo City
Largest cityLobo City
Official language(s)English and Spanish
Official religion(s)Catholic
Short nameMexica
- President Austin ( Last name unknown )Austin ( Last name unknown
- President Austin ( Last name unknown )Austin ( Last name unknown )
EstablishedDecember 3 2018
Time zoneCentral Time Zone
National sportSoccer
National animalDog


Mexica name came from Mexico just changing it to the letter A also the huge amount of Mexicans in the area


Mexica at first had a small population. In December 2017 a Delphian expansion expedition encountered a couple people in the area and the Delphians explained to them about micronations and the people were very interested. On January 2 2018 Mexica was became a territory of the Delphian Republic and on January 13 2018 Mexica officially became a Delphian state. Mexica would be very peaceful state, the only time something major that happened in Mexica was the Mexica Bank Scandal. During the April election of 2018 the communists won and Mexica was turned into the Mexica Delphian Communist Republic and was promised to become 35% more autonomous but this never happened and the country became more authoritarian and less free. When the Delphian-Cratian War occurred, Mexica saw very little action and instead Mexica was stationed there for one month. During the Pablo War, Mexica did see action. And when Minnesota War 1 occurred Mexica saw action from pushing back the Pabloians to the invasion of Divine. The Mexica border with the USA was even more protected when the supreme leader Diana ordered that to happen. Mexica’s population even increased. But during the August Protest in Delphia, Mexica refused to do anything which this angered the Supreme Leader which sent troops and occupied the cities of San Miguel and Gran Sol which angered many civilians. When the polar vortex hit the Delphian Union they weren’t prepared and 65% of Mexica’s essential supplies were taken away from them. When the civilians protested they were sent to a somewhat work camp. When things were looking very bad in the Delphian Union and a second Delphian civil war was coming Mexica declared their independence and left the Delphian Union. The Communist government of the Delphian Union sent troops to retake Mexica but this inspired many anti communist groups to rebel and soon other CRs began leaving the Delphian Union. Once the Delphian Union surrendered and collapsed Mexica independence was secured. However the new democratic Delphia wanted to reunite all former Delphian Union land. The Second Delphian Republic sended a unification proposition but was turned down by Mexica. The Second Delphian Republic declared war on Mexica on February 20 2019. Mexica was no match but they slowed down Delphia at the battle of Doorgrad but on February 23 2019 Mexica surrendered. The treaty of Dunpin is signed and Mexica rejoins Delphia and Mexica no longer exists. Mexica would be once again a peaceful state. When micronations like East Michigan, Natlin, Everland, and Saugeen were given land the people were very interested and they lived more safe. During the North Divine War many people in the Mexica area were sent to fight North Divine. Over time the Mexica area was now known as Simiana area. Saugeen gave them independence on September 30 2019 but they no longer exist. Today Simiana ( Mexica ) rejoined Delphia

Politics and government

They had a charter and two party’s

Law and order

The military took care of things

Foreign relations

It was in a state of isolation until Delphia invaded


It was poorly trained but had 5 soldiers 3 active 2 reserve


It used a currency called Lint and traded with the Republic of Balcon