Republic of Matalat

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Republic of Matalat
جمهورية ماطولت (ara)
National Anthem:
Capital Nar Adhababi

Official languages Arabic, Matalati (Local form of Arabic)

Denomyn Matalati

Interim Dusha Khaled al-Nar
-Chairman of the Democratic Nationalist Party Khaled al-Nar

Legislature Supreme National Council
-Type Unicameral
Seats 15 (All vacant)

– Formation 15 October 2015

Population Unknown

Currency Matalati Dollar (MT$)

Drives on the left

Date formats Gregorian calendar

Matalat (Arabic: ماطولت), officially the Republic of Matalat (Arabic: جمهورية ماطولت) is a self-declared independent nation-state, currently building up its infrastructure (as of 15 October 2015).