Republic of Lawean

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Republic of Lawean
Lawean Republikan
로우이안 공화국

The flag of Lawean.png
New Coat of arms of Lawean.png
Coat of Arms

Republikan Hæil
(English: Long live the Republic)

South Korea, Nigeria
Capital citySeegrad
Official language(s)Korean, Sebran Language
Short nameLawean
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary republic
- PresidentSüon Wonhaft
- Prime MinisterHowlon Wonhaft
LegislatureRepublic Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
Established01. 01. 2020
Area claimedUnknown
CurrencyGolt ()
(de facto)
Time zoneUTC 9:00
National animalDove

Official Website

The Republic of Lawean, commonly known as Lawean, is a South Korean micronation located in Korea and Nigeria. It was established on January 1st, 2020.

Diplomatic Relations

The Republic of Lawean currently maintains formal relations with the following nations:


The form of government of the Republic of Lawean is a unitary parliamentary republic.

List of Ministries

  1. Minister of Foreign Affairs
  2. Minister of Home Affairs
  3. Ministry of National Defense Affairs
  4. Ministry of Justice Affairs


Lawean is comprised of two Provinces of land.

Flags Emblems Name Annexed Population
Seegrad flag.png Seegrad arms.png Seegrad January 1, 2020
Sonæslant flag.png Sonæslant arms.png Sonæslant May 9, 2020

National symbols

List of national and official symbols of Lawean

Symbol Name Image
National Flag National flag of Lawean The flag of Lawean.png
National Coat of Arms National Coat of Arms of Lawean New Coat of arms of Lawean.png
National motto Republikan Hæil
National anthem Keteoth
National flower Dandelion
National tree None
National church None No image available-VH.png
National sport None
Patron saint None
National language Korean
Sebran language
No image available-VH.png