Republic of Kinsovea

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Republic of Kinsovea
Kinsovean Flag.png

Stay Kinsovean
Notheast MGS new updated map of Kinsovea.png
Pennsylvania, United States
Capital cityKinsovo
Largest cityOreo City
Official language(s)English
GovernmentParliamentary democracy
LegislatureFRA1 Parliament
EstablishedJune 29. 2011
Population6 (as of 2011 census)
CurrencyUSA Dollar
National animalDuck

The Republic of Kinsovea is applying to become a Republic of A1. Kinsovea (Kin-so-vEa) was founded on June 29. 2011, by the leader, King Adam Smith I and has claim the status of a sixth world nation. Then after 7 months of activity changed to become the Republic of Kinsovea This nation is not just internet based; it claims land in Pennsylvania, USA. It is currently a member of the Eran Federation.


The History of Kinsovea started when there founder and leader King Adam was looking in the World Record book and found Sealand listed under smallest country. So he went online and after some research and found an amazing thing called micronations. Then He and his sister decided after a song of how much they love Oreos to make a republic of Oreo with Oreos as their national delicacy. Ever since then, he tried to find an area that would do good as his own country, the first area of land was in the USA and around 1 acre of land. Then he started what is called the first government which was based on a president and an Ambassador. Though later on it seemed that a King was needed so to make sure that someone who became president would not destroy the image of the nation that Adam wanted so he changed it to a Moralistic Monarchy with a congress and president. Then changed it again in 1/21/12 so his nation could apply to A1 to a Parliamentary democracy.

Banana Ban Controversy

With crime soaring in Kinsovea the police start

Banana 1423728c.jpg

an investigation on the cause so they can stop crime at the source. What they discovered was that the main weapon and the reason for the violence were bananas. Criminals were attacking others with bananas or using them for other illegal activities. So with this I mind Kinsovea Government put a ban on bananas. Soon after joining the IMTO they demanded that we get rid of the banana ban so it is put on watch and the Government revoked the law. Once again crime went up so Kinsovea left IMTO and the banana ban is in effect till this day.

The Flag

while eating Oreo cookies with my sister we started sing how we love Oreo’s and all this funny stuff and I said, "We should have a flag black and Wight in the center" after a lot of flag arrangements and a lot of jokes about Oreo’s we said blue on top and bottom (representing the wraper) Wight center with a Oreo cookie in the center represented by a black circle.

A new Republic

after 7 months of activity Kinsovea King along with president and head of congress signed the new law that would make Kinsovea a democracy so that the nation could become a republic of A1. The nation is currently under a de facto president until they are accepted into A1 then a election will be made.

Government and politics


Law and order

Kinsovean Police Force is the current body providing maritime security and acts like a military and public service agency. During winter they plow the streets of Kinsovo they also help with road construction in Oreo City. They are an active and driving force in maritime safety in Kosovo and can be seen in arms almost every were. In Oreo City they are big on the Banana Ban and are called multiple times on “banana related situations”


The Oreo Providence has a major plain of farming so the next crop season you could see them export strawberries and cherries but the main import they get is water due to the 0 trees in the area. Getting away from the heat is very hard and also with the 0 electricity there is no air conditioning. So water gets exported from Brokventa this providence has many streams that get filtered and brought to the Oreo providence.


Kinsovea has a offical press the KNN or Kinsovea national news is the only News currently in Kinsovea and is not part of the Government and soon hopefully A1BC News!

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