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|calling_code      =  
|calling_code      =  
|notes              =  
|notes              =  
|web                = [[http://boards.4chan.org/pol/]]<br/>
|web                = [http://boards.4chan.org/pol/]<br/>

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Empire of Altannia Unita

all over the world
Capital city Kekstanti
Largest city Berkeley (as of April of 2017)
Official language(s) English, Italian, Egyptian hydroglyphics
Short name Kekistan
Demonym Kekistani
Government Democracy
- Supreme President Big Man Tyrone
Legislature Kekistan Parliment
Established December 14th, 2016
Area claimed 0 km²
Population 12,000 (2017 census) They are all sh*tposters
Currency Bitcoin
Time zone UTC-5 (UTC)
National animal Pepe the frog