Republic of Jailavera

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Republic of Jailavera
République du Jaïlavera (W:French)

2017 — Present


Fraternité et unité (French for Brotherhood and unity)
["Jailavera avec fin'amor sur ses terres"] (de jure)1
Carte Jaïlavera projection azimuthale 2020 2.png
Capital cityVallier-le-Touret
Official language(s)French, Esperanto
Official religion(s)None
Short nameJailavera (Jaïlavera in french)
DemonymJailaverian (Jaï
GovernmentCommunist Republic Democracy
- President of RepublicLeopold Deuff
- President of Council of MinistersOscar Magaud
LegislatureConvention of Republic
Area claimed11519632,517853km²
Population9 (as of 2021 census)
CurrencyJailaverian franc(Franc jaïlaveran in french)
This nation is a member of the Ecologie des Sept and MicroFrancophonie

Official website (in french)

Jailavera (in French Jaïlavera), officially the Republic of Jailavera (in French République du Jaïlavera), is a communist micronation founded on the 18th of June 2017 by Leopold Deuff, wich claims two houses in Martigues, one house and two agricoles acres in Montjoux, a part of Antarctica, and the South part of the Kerguelen Islands. Its goals is to become the all workers paradise.


The name Jailavera come from a beach of Chateauneuf-les-Martigues, called in french "Plage du Jaï", and a part of Martigues, Lavera.


Main article: History of Jailavera

Origins and foundation of Jailavera

The Republic of Jailavera was founded the 18th June 2017. The origins of Jailavera come from a former project of micronation, called the Avatic Republic of Valdstein ("République avatique du Valdstein" in french), founded on March 16th 2017 by Leopold Deuff, wich was a transitional micronation between an other former project of micronation, the Avatic Soviet Socialist Republic of Tholon ("République socialiste soviétique avatique de Tholon" in french), communist micronation wich had diplomatic relationships with the Socialist Republic of Luminy ("République socialiste de Luminy" in french) and the actual Republic of Jailavera.

Processing and COVID-19 Crisis

from 2019 to 2020, Jailavera was member of the Union of Republics of Veyssannia and Jailavera ("Union des Républiques de Veyssannie et Jaïlavera" in french), with Leopold Deuff as President of the Union, and from 27th July 2020 to 1st August 2020, Jailavera was member of the Economical and Customs Jailavey Union ("Union économique et douanière Jaïlavey" in french). The 5th August 2020, is proclaimed the Autonomous Jailaverian Province of Veyssannia ("Province autonome jaïlaveranne de Veyssannie" in french), Autonomous Province of Theline (in french "Province autonome de Théliné") on August 31st 2020, Autonomous Province of Jezicosiumia (in french "Province autonome de Jézicosiumie") and Autonomous Province of Allobroges (in french "Province autonome des Allobroges") on September 5th 2020 and Province Condominum of Port-aux-Français (in french "Province condominium de Port-aux-Français") on September 26th 2020. About the COVID-19 Crisis, the governement of Republic of Veyssannia was in exile in Republic of Jailavera during the first lockdown from March 17th to June 14th and the administrative activities were practicied on line for Republic of Jailavera, Republic of Veyssannia and Union of Republics of Veyssannia and Jailavera and since the second lockdown, administrative activities were practicied on line again in Jailavera. Since December 6th 2020, Republic of Jailavera is member of MicroFrancophonie.

Politics and government

Main articles: List of heads of state of Jailavera, List of governements of Jailavera, List of legislatures of Jailavera and List of political parties of Jailavera

The Council of Ministers, governement of the Republic, produces and applies decrees.

The current president of the Republic is Leopold Deuff since the 18 June 2020, the current President of Council of Ministers is Oscar Magaud, since the 10 June 2020 and the current president of Convention of Republic is Leopold Deuff too, since 28 September 2020.


The actual list of ministers is the next:

Function Titular
Treasurer minister Leopold Deuff
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Aimene
Minister of Defence Leopold Deuff
Minister of Interior Oscar Magaud
Minister of Communication Leopold Deuff
Minister of Turism Oscar Magaud


The Convention of Republic, the actual legislature, was proclamed on 28 September 2020.
The actual list of political coalitions is the next:

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Law and order

Main articles: LGBT rights in Jailavera

Gouvernemental decrees act as laws.

Foreign policy

Main articles: Foreign relations of Jailavera

From 2019 to 2020, Jailavera was member of the Union of Republics of Veyssannia and Jailavera ("Union des Républiques de Veyssannie et Jaïlavera" in french), with Leopold Deuff as President of the Union, and from 27th July 2020 to 1st August 2020, Jailavera was member of the Economical and Customs Jailavey Union ("Union économique et douanière Jaïlavey" in french).


Main articles: Workers Army of Republic of Jailavera

The Workers Army of Republic of Jailavera(in french "Armée des Travailleurs de la République du Jaïlavera") is the unified armed forces of the Republic of Jailavera, founded on October 4th 2020, is response to a project of integration of Socialist Nations Military Union. The Workers Army of Republic of Jailavera consists of both ground and naval forces, and has a standing troop strength of 7. All citizens, including the President of Republic, are citizen soldiers who proudly wear the uniform of the Workers Army of Republic of Jailavera. The primary responsibilities of the armed forces are emergency response, disaster relief, environmental protection and national defence.


Main articles: Geography of Jailavera and Administrative subdivisions of Jailavera

The territorial claims consists in:

-Two houses in Martigues, as the Ordinary Jailaverian Province of Avatics Figuerolles ("Province ordinaire jaïlaveranne des Figuerolles avatiques" in french).It was claimed at the Foundation Day, the 18th June 2017.

-Two houses and two agricoles acres in Montjoux, as the Autonomous Jailaverian Province of Veyssannia ("Province autonome jaïlaveranne de Veyssannie" in french). It's claimed since the 4th August 2020, day of integration of Veyssannia in Jailavera.

-A part of Antarctica and the South of Kerguelen Islands(the North is claimed by Europian Co-Presidents, Glenn Desbrun and Isaac Bidot), as the Austral and Antarctic jailaverian Territory. It's claimed since the 7th July 2020, day of integration of South Kerguelen in Jailavera.

Culture and Medias

The principal media is the Republic of Jailavera Youtube channel of the Republic.


Date English Name French Name Esperanto Name Remarks
From 31 October to 2 November Trinosamos Trinosamos Trinosamos Celebration of Halloween (in french "Veille de la Toussaint"), All Saints Day ( in french "Toussaint"), October horse ( in french "Cheval d'Octobre"), Armilustrum, and Battle of Maighe Tuired, as Celtic New Year
November 7 October Revolution Day Jour de la Révolution d'Octobre Oktobra Revolucio Tago Celebration of Glorious Russian October Revolution of 1917
December 15 Day of Zamenhof Jour de Zamenhof Zamenhofa Tago Celebration of birthday of Doctor Zamenhof
From December 24 to December 26 w:Christmas, or Yule, or Nowel w:Noël ou Jolif w:Kristnasko aŭ Julo aŭ Noelo Celebration of Christmas
From December 31 to January 2 Gregorian New Year Nouvel an grégorien Gregoria Nova Jaro Celebration of Gregorian New Year
March 8 International Day of Struggle for Women's Rights Journée internationale de lutte pour les droits des femmes Internacia Tago de Lukto por Virinaj Rajtoj Demonstrations for Gender Equality
March 18 Paris Commune Day 1871 Jour de la Commune de Paris 1871 Parisa Komuna Tago 1871 Celebration of Insurrectionnal Commune of Paris, the most famous of old french revolutionnar socialist governements.
From 8 to 9 Mai Days of Victory 1945 Journées de la Victoire 1945 Tagoj de la Victorio 1945 Celebration of Victory against Fascism in World War 2


1De facto "Jailavera avec fin'amor sur ses terres", "The Internationale" and "La Espero"

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