Republic of Gymnasium

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Not to be confused with Gymnasium State.
The Republic of Gymnasium is the territory of the gymnasium in New-Zatec . It is adjacent to the Republic of Comenius Alley, along with the capital New-Zatec. Citizens of the Republic of Gymnasium are also students of the gymnasium in New-Zatec . It shares the border with the Czech Republic exactly with the Ústecký Region, in Žatec.


  1. Within students

Republic of Gymnasium
Menders-flag.png Republic in Mendersia
Flag Gymnasium Coat of Army Gymnasium
Flag Gymnasium Coat of Army Gymnasium
Location in Mendersia
Gymnasium on map Mendersia
Basic data
Capital City: Primma
Area: 0,0104 km²
Citizens: 1
Density: 96,15 residents/km²
Governor: not elected yet (de iure)

Vanness Diepoldess (de facto)

Languages: Czech,English [1]
Religions: ?