Republic of Eora

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The Republic of Eora
Eora flag.pngEora Crest.png

"Ceenai Gotaave"
Capital cityRega
Largest citySt. Leonards
Official language(s)Hektorlandian Latvian Language, English, Etukara language
Short nameEora
GovernmentUnitary Republic
- EmperorZechariah O'hair
- Prime MinisterArthur Korney
Established30th of June 2019
PopulationAround 450 (2019 Census)
CurrencyEuro () (EUR)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
National animalLorikeet

Republic of Eora was proclaimed on 30.06.19. It is union state of The Etukana Empire and The Republic of Hektorlandia.