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Republic of Enya

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Enya was a state in New Oegstgeest and was a protectorate of Viadalvia under nominal Enyan sovereignty. Formed in 2013, it consisted of a farm and some houses

Republic of Enya
Repuqlue Enjah
Enjaga Raspublieka

Coa (enya).png

Onward Enya
Democratic Nation is the wolrd
Capital cityGisbli
Largest cityNorth Area
Official language(s)Dutch, English, Viadalvian, Enyan
Official religion(s)Selcuar
Short nameEnya
GovernmentRepublican oligarchy
- OligarchKevin Vanhaar
Established13 April 2014
National animalDuck


It was founded by Oligarch Kevin Vanhaar, the nation started expanding and at its peak consisted of a farm and 4 houses in Kevins's street. At its height Enya had 17 citezens and an army of 30 mercanaries it once collapsed. The President of Viadalvia and the President of Enya both agreed on Enya joining Viadalvia, marking the start to the now defunct Federal Republic of Hoogwaard-Enya. On 11 November, Enya regained independence through peaceful means, and had close relations with Viadalvia until its collapse during the National Crisis. Kevin later became a Viadalvian, however Enya never joined Viadalvia and become Dutch