Republic of Comenius Alley

The Republic of Comenius Alley is the territory of the Comenius Alley Elementary School and the youth stadium in New-Zatec.It is adjacent to Republic of Gymnasium and together with it are the capital New-Zatec. Citizens of the Republic of Komenius alley visit the elementary school of Komenského alej or they are inhabitants of Žatec. It is also adjacent to the Czech Republic and the Ústecký Region in town Žatec.


Most of the citizens in the Republic of Comenius alley are voters of PPM, others are voters of SDP and GSM-CPM.


The most economic area in the Republic of Comenius alley is Via, it is also its capital, in Via is located PPM and the Army of Mendersia.

Furthermore, in the Republic of Comenius Alley is located SDP, GSM-CPM, United Parliament, Cee, MSI.

Comenius Alley
Republic of Comenius Alley
  Republic in Mendersia
Flag Comenius Alley Coat of Army Comenius Alley
Location in Mendersia
Basic data
Capital City: Via
Area: 0,0329 km²
Citizens: 14
Density: 425,53 residents/km²
Governor: Waldemar Smith
Languages: Czech,Mendersian, English
Religions: predominantly atheism, then Roman Catholic