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The Republic of Chico
CHICO FLAG.png FlagEAGLE.png Coat of arms

Libertatem et aequalitatem pro omnibus (Liberty and equality for all)
We are Free
Lima, Peru
Capital cityCity of New Sol Rojo
Largest cityCity of New Sol Rojo
Official language(s)English, Spanish
Official religion(s)None at national level
GovernmentUnitary Presidential Constitutional Republic
- PresidentJose Gibaja
EstablishedMarch 5th, 2011
CurrencyPeruvian Nuevo Sol (PEN), United States Dollar (USD)
Time zone(PST)
Observes daylight savings.

The Republic of Chico is a micronation located in the South American nation of Peru. It is bordered in the north and east by Peru, in the south by the Repiblic of Hortania, and in the west by the Pacific Ocean. It also has many exterior territories and colonies located around the world. Chico is leading micronation is micronational study and research and, thanks to the cultures inherited by it's macronation, was home to many ancient civilizations and has a very diverse culture. The micronation originally was formed in the United States, however due to many political and economic problems, it was relocated in Peru with the capital of New Sol Rojo being the hub for large scale reforms which Chico is still undergoing. The Republic of Chico is a democratic, unitary republic divided into provinces in the mainland and into colonies and territories outside the mainland. It is a medium-high developing micronation whose main economic activities include selling of produce, small-scale tourism, and manufacturing. The chicean population is estimated to be around 500 not counting the many absorbed communities and the unaware population.

The History of The Republic of Chico

Chico was unofficially created in 2010 and officially declared independence on March 5th, 2011 with 5 departments,its own currency ,and 5 citizens.As a very poor beginning nation its people suffered greatly. The government considered to begin exporting products ,but Chico had very few natural recources.At this point the Republic was so poor it used rocks to make simple small storage buildings. To make matters worse people who were mad at the government began to destroy the few buildings constructed.The government was forced to move from its original spot to a foreign building.To the luck of the government a product was found that could possibly rise the economy,adobe. The economy grew and more citezens were enlisted the small storage buildings were stronger, sadly this was a short phase and on 9-27 The Month of Pain terrorst attack broke out the government was wasting money on trying to stop the madness, thankfully on 10-26 the government manged to stop the attack and was ready to establish armed forces sadly most of Chico was deystroyed. On 10-28 Congress declared Chico lost 3 departments and its special constitutional territory. Then the presidential elections began former president Jose Gibaja against Juan Cornego.Jose Gibaja won and tried to make projects to benifit the nation.Nothing happened during his government except waste the nations money.During his 2nd government Congress declared The Republic of Chico will leave its currency and use USD. Jose Gibaja acted more as a dictator than a president so both of his governments were combined so hes considered Chico's 1st President. On 9-15-11 there was a presidental election Jose Gibaja against Juan Cornejo again.Juan won and is curretly still President(Please note that this document view the History of Chico as a whole.Jose Gibaja's government and Juan Cornejo's government are two separate states ,The Republic of Chico and The United Provinces of Chico)


The Empire of Sunset was a micronation taking about as much space as modern day mainland Chico. Run by "warriors", they abused every single person in the empire. Jose Gibaja , modern day president, lead a revolution. Finally in Liberty Square the Sunset Empire gave up to Jose Gibaja.


The Republic of Sunset took form from the ashes of the Empire of Sunset. This new micronation spread to nearby Republic of Cabana and entered the Sunset-Cabana war. Soon after another Sunset Cabana war broke out, this lead to involvement by exterior forces. Eventually the Great Separation occurred which lead many different groups within the republic. Civil wars broke out and finally the Dictatorship of Sunset. The Dictatorship of Sunset more abusive than the Empire of Sunset and lead to many depressions and attacks.


In the midst of the disaster, the Republic of the Colonies arose. Originally a mission by SSI to explore the land more, the Colony of Eagle de Condor, led by Jose Gibaja, won independence. Months after its creation, forces from the United States and the Dictatorship repeatedly attacked the republic until its citizens surrendered their interest. While a Second Republic was founded soon after, it collapsed only after a few days.

United Provinces of Chico

The Republic of Chico at one point decided it would be best to run a federation instead of the traditional Unitary style republic. The United Provinces of Chico lasted only a few months because of many revolts and outbursts. After realizing the federation would not last much longer, congress switched back to a Unitary republic.

Chico Today

Chico is now a prosperous micronation with all resources at hand. Chico now owns ten total territories including mainland Chico. Chico now has a Unitary government and a free market economy.

Conquest of Searchlight
Searchlight, NV, U.S.A.
Result Decisive Chicean victory and annexation of the Republic of Searchlight
Republic of Chico Republic of Searchlight
Commanders and leaders
President Jose Gibaja President Nicholas Bisbal
17 troops, 1 Explorer Raft 13 troops

Wars and invasions

Chico invaded an unknown micronation (The Republic of Searchlite) which is a Chicean territory. Also, Chico has made and taken control of a couple of islands near Searchlite waters. Also a territory near Searchlite.

National Anthem

The national anthem is "We are Free" adopted from the Republic of Peru.

Spanish lyrics: Somos libres seámoslo siempre, seámoslo siempre y antes niegue sus luces sus luces, sus luces el Sol! Que faltemos al voto solemne que la patria al Eterno elevó, Que faltemos al voto solemne que la patria al Eterno elevó. Que faltemos al voto solemne que la patria al Eterno elevo.

English Translation: We are free! May we always be so, may we always be so! and let the lights be denied before the lights, the lights...of the sun! Before we break the solemn vow which the fatherland elevated to the Eternal, Before we break the solemn vow which the fatherland elevated to the Eternal. Before we break the solemn vow which the fatherland elevated to the Eternal.


Chico celebrates 3 holidays annually along with Christmas. Independence Day is celebrated on March 5th to celebrate Chicean independence. The Month of Pain is celebrated September 27th to honor the heroes who risked everything for the republic. Finally, Noni Day is celebrated March 28th to honor Uziah Wood's grandmother who greatly inspired Jose Gibaja in his presidental duties.

Political Reform 2013

After going bankrupt, the people began to doubt their government's efficiency. Jose Gibaja decided it was time to change thegovernment to a Unitary presidential constitutional republic. Along with the government change Jose Gibaja also changed the currency from Chicean dollars to Chicean Eagles (e/.) valuing 1.00 e/. to 1.50$.

For More Information

For more information and current up-to-date updates on The Republic of Chico go to Chico's government website.[1]