Republic of Caharabella

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Caharabella Flag v1.png

Capital cityBelleville
Largest cityBelleville
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameCaharabella
GovernmentConstitutional Republic
- PresidentBella W.
- Vice PresidentCaroline H.
LegislatureCaharabella Government
- Type - Congress
- Number of seats - 2
Established13 June 2020
Area claimed2 acres
CurrencyUS dollar
Time zoneCST
National sportKickball
National animalUnicorn

Caharabella, or the Republic of Caharabella, is a small micronation located in the US state of Kentucky.


The name Caharabella comes from the names of the 3 founders of Caharabella.


Sports teams

Caharabella has 2 kickball teams at the moment the Lukeland Krabs and the Belleville Unicorns.

The 2020 Grand Super Mega Kickball Championship

The 2020 Grand Super Mega Kickball Championship was a Caharaballian kickball Championship that took place on August 19th, 2020. The 2 teams playing were the Lukeland Krabs, and the Belleville Unicorns.