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Republic of Bonumland

The Republic of Bonumland, or Bonumland for short, is a micronation located in Sisak, Croatia; and established on the 23rd of May 2015, by the signing of The Declaration of Establishment.

Republic of Bonumland
BonumlandFlag.pngFlagBonumland Coat of Arms.pngCoat of Arms

Long live Bonumland!
March of Bonumlandians
Capital cityBonumis (de facto)
Largest cityBonumis
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)None (due to freedom of speech)
Short nameBonumland
GovernmentFull Presidential Republic (Semi Dictatorship)
- President Nick Rankov
- Vice President Aydan Dillon
Established23rd of May 2015
Time zoneUTC
National animalEagle

Its founder, the first and current President is Nick Rankov. As Bonumland is a dictatorship, he may serve as long as he wants.

Bonumland has established the Constitution, flag, coat of arms, national anthem, holidays, currency, etc.

The government system of Bonumland is regarded as the full Presidential republic (a semi-dictatorship).



The term Bonumland is a compound of the Latin word for good: "Bonum", and the English word for land: "land". Thus, translated, the meaning of "Bonumland" would be "a good land".


Old Republic

Flag of the Old Republic of Bonumland (2nd to 22nd of May 2015)

The First (Old) Republic of Bonumland existed from 2nd - 22 May 2015.

This Old Republic differed from the New (current) Republic quite a lot: the flag and the national anthem were different. It didn't have the motto, nor currency nor national animal nor holidays.

The national anthem was the instrumental version of the Finnish anthem and the flag was quite different.

On the 23rd of May, by signing The Declaration of Establishment, the national symbols of the Old Republic were abolished and thus the New Republic has been created.

Early Period

Old coat of arms (May- August 2015

New and current Republic of Bonumland was founded on the 23rd of May 2015 when Bonumland's founder, the first and current President Nick Rankov signed The Declaration of Establishment.

In the first few months of existence, Bonumland did not have a stable Government system, international relations or a defined Constitution. By this Declaration, the flag was formalized and is defined as a green-blue-green rectangle, the coat of arms was a diamond-shaped shield of Bonumlandian flag, and the national anthem was called "Anthem of Bonumland"; currency was "Kintirum" and the national animal - eagle. Coat of Arms was changed in August 2015 to a double-headed eagle with a flag shield on his chest. During this early period of Bonumland's initial existence, the President was the main authority in deciding the major changes and issues concerning the national symbols, laws, etc.

First Constitution

The first Constitution was drafted in mid to late 2016.

According to this first Constitution, the Government was described as the semi-unitary Presidential republic, national symbols remained the same and the first Government was established in the form of the Parliament.

In May 2017, this Constitution was abolished.

Second Constitution

The new Constitution draft was adopted in early July 2017.

In the new (and current Constitution), the Government is described as the full Presidential republic, a new institution within the Government was introduced - Diplomatic Council of the Republic, and also a new ministry - Minister of Foreign Affairs.

National anthem - "Anthem of Bonumland" was changed to a new anthem - "March of Bonumland's people (Bonumlandians)" and the new public/national holidays were formalized.

Other national symbols (flag, animal, currency) haven't been changed.

Until this day, this new Constitution has undergone through three amendments, but it hasn't been abolished at any point.

Old national symbols are carefully archived, protected and serve as symbols of Bonumland's history and identity.

First Elections

Fist ever General Parliamentary Elections were held on June 2017.

This was the first time the two major parties (Conservatives and Liberal-Democrats) participated in the run for the Parliament.

Liberal-Democrats won all the four seats while Conservatives won one seat less - three seats. The Liberal-Democratic party was known as the Liberal Party (as of February 2018).

August 2018 Crisis

Certain problems with the Parliament and the President have emerged in late August 2018.

Political turmoil was so tense that the President decided to sign a special presidential decree confirming that the nation of Bonumland ceases to exist.

This was the biggest crisis Bonumland has ever faced.

This crisis led to the Third Amendment of the Constitution which gives the President more executive power and restrains the constitutional rights of the Parliament concerning elections.

Thankfully, the crisis was resolved and everything went back to normal soon.

U.M.A. Joining

On September 8, 2018, Bonumland joined The United Micronational Assembly.

This was the first time Bonumland has ever joined any international micronational organization.

The President called the joining the crown jewel of Bonumlandian diplomacy.

Unfortunately, U.M.A. has stopped existing since late November 2018, but Bonumland's membership in this organization will surely be remembered and will stay written in the history of this micronation.

C.A.S. Joining

On December 13, 2018, Bonumland joined the Commonwealth of Allied States.

This was Bonumland's second intermicronational organization and a fundamental element of survival for Bonumland.

President Nick has received the role of Secretary-General inside the C.A.S.

This membership stuck until January 14, 2019, when the C.A.S. collapsed.

2019 Coup d'etats

On 22 January 2019, the Parliament and the Diplomatic Council held a joint meeting. They brought the new resolution by voting in no confidence to the President's authority and thus declaring the coup on him, demanding him to resign within 24 hours.

The initiator of this resolution was the former Prime Minister Ivan Gelich, who accused the President of being more and more authoritative and trying to establish a dictatorship.

The Prime Minister and the President have been in a feud since the August crisis, but this coup was the culmination of their disagreements.

Almost the same situation happened in August 2018 when the President declared the end of Bonumland.

Later during that day, the President addressed the nation. In his address, the President said one of his most famous lines: "We had a very similar, if not the same situation in August last year. At that time I considered it to be a big crisis and I declared Bonumland's end as a nation. This is an even bigger crisis, but this time I will not end our nation - I will end our corrupt politicians".

And so it happened. The President fired the Prime Minister and all the members of the Government, abolished their citizenships for betrayal and committing an illegal act of the coup, he also dissolved the Parliament and the Diplomatic Council.

Therefore, since 22 January 2019, Bonumland has become a semi-dictatorship, with the only Government being President Nick Rankov and Bonumland's Vice President - Aydan Dillon.

By this coup, the Second Constitution of the Republic has been abolished, and the President shall be drafting a new one.

Government system

According to the Constitution, the Government system in Bonumland is defined as the full Presidential republic. The President, the Parliament and the Diplomatic Council are the main institutions of the Government of Bonumland.

President of Bonumland

Presidential flag of the President of Bonumland

President of Bonumland is the head of state and head of Government of the Republic of Bonumland.

The president directs the executive branch of the Government and will hold the title of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Bonumland once they have been established.

President is one of the most important and powerful political figures in Bonumland.

Section 2, Article III of the Bonumlandian Constitution defines the President's powers and duties.

President's powers and duties are as follows:

  • The President makes treaties and agreements with foreign diplomacies and representatives in cooperation with the Vice President.
  • The President shall be the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces once they have been established.
  • The President grants amnesties and award honors.
  • The President declares the state of war and the state of emergency.
  • The President signs citizenships.
  • The President addresses the nation during the times of major political, economic or global events affecting the Republic.
  • The President can, upon his/her decree, introduce a new institution within the Government of Bonumland.

The proper way to address the President would be either "Your Excellency" or "Respected Mr. President".

Vice-President of Bonumland

The Vice-President position has only been recently introduced. On January 22, 2019, Aydan Dillon, a respected American/Malinovian government official, took the office.

The Vice-President serves as the President while he is away, such as when he is taking his Presidential vacation.

The current Vice-President lives in the United States and communicates with the President and Prime Minister via Google Hangouts.

The Vice-President can also serve as the President's deputy when the Prime Minister is gone (such as when he is ill).

Former Government institutions

Parliament of Bonumland
Logo of the Bonumlandian Parliament

As of January 2019, the Parliament of the Republic of Bonumland held the legislative power within the Government of Bonumland.

The Parliament was composed of 9 seats. One seat was reserved for the Prime Minister, which was appointed by the President and is independent (meaning he doesn't belong to either of the two major parties). Members of the Parliament were called Ministers. They were elected on the General Elections every three years and could serve two mandates of three years. They could be either from the CP or LDP. Depending on the number of votes won in the elections, one party could win the maximum 4 seats or a minimum of 2 seats in the Parliament.

Parliament made new laws, adopted and amended the Constitution, etc.

A Bill was a proposal for a new law, or a proposal to change an existing law that is presented for debate before Parliament.

When the Parliament has agreed on the content of a Bill it was then presented to the President for approval.

President could put a veto on the bill, which is then reconsidered by the Parliament and then sent again for the approval (known as the Presidential Assent). President could put a veto on a bill maximum 2 times, then the President was obliged to approve it. Once Presidential Assent was given a Bill became the law.

The Parliament was dissolved on 22 January, when the Ministers made a coup on the President.

Diplomatic Council of the Republic

Logo of the Diplomatic Council

Diplomatic Council was an institution within the Government of Bonumland that conducted diplomatic talks and relations, formalized and issued alliances and treaties with other nations.

The head of the Diplomatic Council was the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Both the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the members of the Council were appointed by the President.

The Diplomatic Council, along with the Parliament, was dissolved as a result of 22 January 2019 coup.

Public holidays

Section 1, Article Ia of the Constitution defines the national and public holidays of Bonumland.

Public holidays are celebrated annually. Public holidays are non-working days (except the Flag Day)

Date Name Purpose
1 January New Year's Day Celebrates the incoming year.
23 May Bonumland Day Celebrates the founding of the Republic of Bonumland.
10 August Flag Day Celebrates the flag of the Republic of Bonumland as the main symbol of national identity
25 December Christmas Celebration of the Christian holiday.

International relations

The Republic of Bonumland has made great efforts to start diplomatic relations with other nations. As of current date, Bonumland has established diplomatic contacts and/or alliances with the following micronations respectively:

  1. Kingdom of Tagundia
  2. Kingdom of Phokland
  3. Kingdom of Éire
  4. The Brick of Toudeth
  5. State of Malinovia
  6. Empire of Geelong
  7. United Alloan Empire
  8. Republic of Astain

On September 8, 2018, Bonumland entered The United Micronational Assembly as a full member.

This membership ended on 24 November because U.M.A. has stopped existing since then.

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