Republic of Bonumland

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Bonumland (/bɑːnəm.lænd/ About this sound (Listen) ), officially the Republic of Bonumland, is a small sovereign state not recognized as such by any major world organization such as the United Nations, and is therefore most commonly referred to as a micronation. Bonumland was originally located in Sisak, Croatia under the presidency of Nick Rankov but has since changed its geographic location twice; once to Pensacola, Florida and once to College Park, Georgia due to a change of administration. Bonumland is a direct democracy with a constitutional monarchy with the Monarch, known as the Emperor or Empress, as the head of state. Its population is 19. Its capital and largest city is Bonumis with 5 physical inhabitants; Bonumis is the legislative, executive, and judicial capital of the nation. Bonumland's official language is English due to its widespread government use on official papers, labels, and references, as well as two regional languages: Bonumlandian and Serbo-Croatian. Bonumland is an enclave and exclave nation, and three territories are located somewhere else than the mainland: Florania in Washington state, Addisonshire in England, and Rainbow Falls in the Des Plaines Valley in Illinois.

Republic of Bonumland
Flag of Bonumland
Coat of Arms of Bonumland
Coat of Arms
Motto: Long live Bonumland!
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Other languagesBonumlandian
GovernmentDirect democratic constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Isabella I
LegislatureNational Assembly
• Old Republic established
2 May 2015
• Monarchy established
13 December 2020
• Total
0.48 km2 (0.19 sq mi)
• 2021 estimate
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
KIN 27,000 (USD 600)
Gini (2021) 4.12
HDI (2021) 0.904
very high
CurrencyKinturum (KIN)
Time zoneUTC-5 (in Bonumis,
Greater Bonumis, and New Roanoke)

UTC-6 (in Bonumlandian Potawatomi)
UTC-8 (in Florania)
UTC (in Addisonshire)
Drives on theRight (in American lands)
Left (in British lands)
Calling code+1

Bonumland was established as a republic in May 2015, but for the first few weeks did not function fully as a micronation. The current constitution was adopted in December 2020, replacing the 2015 constitution. Bonumland became a monarchy upon the adoption of the new constitution. Bonumland was renamed the Imperial Republic of Bonumland for a short while before renaming back to the Republic of Bonumland. In March 2021, Bonumland was renamed "Bonerland" as an early April Fools' joke.

Bonumland was a founding member of the Union of Five, and had hosted the first U5 summit. Bonumland has been a full member of the Micronational Assembly since January 2021 and may become a member of the Atlanta Regional Union in the future. Bonumland is the pioneer and founding nation of the Federation of Micronational Basketball.