Republic of Bermeja

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Republic of Bermeja
Flag of Bermeja.png

Capital cityPuerto Libre
Official language(s)Spanish
GovernmentPresidential republic
- PresidentEsteban Alejándrez Espino
- Vice PresidentNoemí Huerta Rojas
LegislatureChamber of Deputies
EstablishedAugust 5, 2005
Population34 (2015)
CurrencyBermejan peso
Time zoneUTC−06:00

Bermeja, officially the Republic of Bermeja (Spanish: República de Bermeja), is a micronation based in the Gulf of Mexico, laying claim to several atolls as well as the historically disputed island of the same name.

The micronation was founded at Cayos Arcas by five friends (colloquially known as los primeros pobladores, "the first settlers") on August 5, 2005 during a sailing holiday.